• Capacity 6 Litres
  • Weight 40 grams
  • Volume 6 litres
  • Colours Various colours
  • Cost $19.50

Osprey 6 litre Stuff Sack


Rating:                 8.9 / 10

Value for Money    2.0 / 2.5

Versatility             2.2 / 2.5

Weight                 2.4 / 2.5

Durability             2.3 / 2.5

Sea to Summit 6 litre Stuff Sack Review

Stuff sacks are designed to keep everything in one place as well as provide a minimal amount of waterproofing. When I have a fully loaded pack on a multi-day hike I will usually store my JetBoil stove in one of the side pockets of my pack to allow easy access to it for when I want a hot drink. Given that it contains a number of bits and pieces including a cigarette lighter I prefer to have it inside a small stuff sack so its stays all in one place. The Osprey 6 litre stuff sack is an ideal size and given that it has a bit of stretch in the material my stove fits quite nicely inside this little sack. My pack is a fluoro yellow-green so is pretty easy to ind even when is relatively dark as this is the only bag that I have of this colour. There are a range of colours available but it’s really going to depend on what the stores are stocking the time.

Many hikers won’t worry about putting there stove inside any sort of bag but I’m a bit obsessive this way. This bag can be used for just about anything where you don’t need a high degree of waterproofing

Osprey 6 litre stuff sack

We Like

  • This stuff sack weighs almost nothing
  • Keeps everything in one place
  • Provides basic weather protection
  • Draw string top is easy to close
  • A good degree of expansion

We Don't Like

  • If I’m being really picky I’d like a larger range of colours

Best Uses

For keeping all the bits and pieces in one place

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$19.50 AUD


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