• Garment Weight 381 grams (size 36 x 32L)
  • Sizes 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38
  • Leg Length 30, 32
  • Colours Khaki or Koal
  • Cost $149.99

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants



Rating: 8.7 / 10
Value for Money 1.8 / 2
Comfort 1.7 / 2
Weight 1.6 / 2
Durability 1.8 / 2
Fit 1.8 / 2

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men's Pants Review

I first came across Kuhl clothing around six years ago but for one reason or another I never managed to test out what is becoming a well recognised brand on the Australian market. This brand has been around now since 1983 and has a reputation for quirkiness. The Renegade Stealth pants are a good case in point given ‘renegade’ is defined as:

  • [ren•e•gad stealth verb <1. rejects lawful or conventional behaviour

I don’t wear shorts when I hike preferring the protection of longer pants. But I couldn’t make up my mind on which style to try out so ended up purchasing two pairs including the Renegade Stealth. My main reason for choosing these pants essentially came down to the pockets; more on this later.

Lets start with the appearance first. Most hiking pants tend to look like ‘outdoor wear’. Lots of pockets and reasonably boring in style. In this respect, the Kuhl Renegade Stealth pants fit the that description. The pockets are a big winner for me. Two in the back, two at the hips and two on the legs. The pockets at the back for me are a waste of time given I only ever put things in them when I have empty food wrappers and I’m on the move.

The hip pockets are deep and slanted. The idea of slanting the pockets is to make it easy to get things out, particularly when seated but this also makes it easy for things to fall out. I prefer the squared topped option because I usually keep my compact Sony Zv-1 Camera and occasionally my phone, in my front pockets. However these pockets are deep enough for the slanting not to be an issue.  The pockets are a durable but lightweight mesh which allows a bit of airflow.

The leg pockets are unique as far as pants go. They have a zipper top which keeps things from falling out but each has two compartments. The internal compartment is mesh so again if you leave these unzipped they will allow air to move through cooling you down (to a point). The outer compartment is solid material which allows you to segregate certain items so you don’t have to rummage around to find things you want. The leg pockets are a good size and will comfortably hold the larger iPhone or Samsung phones, or are a good place to stash snacks for the day.

The leg length of these pants is 32 inches (also available in 30 inches) is reasonably common on the Australian market but I find that they tend to be a generous 32. In normal day to day living I prefer a longer leg on my pants but when hiking I like to have a bit of ground clearance to keep them out of the mud.

The material is a two way stretch meaning they will stretch across the pants as well as down. This stretch allows for squatting or reaching or leaping across without the risk of tearing – they perform quite well in this regard. I have never felt like these pants limited my movement. There is also a crotch gusset that allows you good movement. In addition, the material on the pants contains DWR properties so they aren’t likely to get too wet and heavy in the rain and if they do, they will dry reasonably quickly. Kuhl describe these pants as being ‘full fit’ around the seat and thighs which sounds like a polite way of saying ‘you’re big boned’.

From my perspective there are really only two negatives with these pants. The first is that over 20ish degrees they become way to hot so are best used in cooler weather.  The second negative which also applies to just about any other brand, is because I lose weight on an extended hike I need to wear a belt to keep them up. I will usually have a couple of different sizes with my pants and start of wearing something that is at the upper end of the range bordering on tight to allow for weight loss. If the hike is long enough I will drop down a size after a number of weeks. If you are wearing them tight there comes a point when they become too tight and occasionally the closure clip will pop open. This is probably not a bad thing as it means your pants are too small and it’s time for a bigger pair or some other solution!

I really like these pants and have become a big fan of Khul pants in general. The sizing is consistent and they are relatively easy to source. So if you need to replace your current pants, you can order them online with the confidence they will fit when they arrive.

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants side view

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants rear pockets

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants rear view gear loop

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants front pockets. The pockets have good depth as well as being mesh so they will allow a bit of airflow

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants leg pocket zip

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Mens Pant’s inside leg pockets

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants leg pocket with a long phone. These pockets are deep enough to hold just about any phone on the market

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants view of stitching

Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants leg length. These boots are a mid height boot and the leg length is just how I like it. they are available in a number of lengths

We Like

  • Robust hard wearing fabric
  • Comfortable fit
  • Articulated knee joint for additional comfort
  • Good strong stitching
  • Six excellent pockets to suit just about anyone’s carrying needs. The front leg pockets are double layered for organisation and they are deep enough to comfortably take a large phone
  • Leg pockets have a ventilation layer that allows you to cool down
  • Good range of colours
  • Two way stretch material that has a good degree of waterproofing

We Don't Like

  • A bit on the hot side for warmer days – at least for my liking

Best Uses

Hikers who like long pants and where the temperature is below about 25° Celcius

Buy One

You can purchase the Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants from Wild Earth or from Wildfire Sports

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AUD $149.99 RRP

Other Versions

Kuhl make a range of different pants including the Radikl, the Contra and the Revolvr. There’s a model and style to suit just about everyone



This review was done with product purchased by Australian Hiker from a retail store

Last updated

17 March 2024

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