• Brightness 1,000 lumen
  • Modes 5 power settings
  • Weight 155 grams
  • Cost $52.99

ROCKBROS 1000 Lumen Bike Headlight



Rating: 8.4 / 10
Value for Money 2.0 / 2.5
Weight 2.2 / 2.5
Durability 2.3 / 2.5
Versatility 1.9 / 2.5

ROCKBROS 1000 Lumen Bike Headlight

So many bike headlights on the market to choose from! When it came time for me to invest in a bike headlight it had been many years since I’d owned one having relied for a while on using my hiking headlamp.

When choosing a mounted headlight the choice comes down to a compromise between power and battery duration with the brighter more powerful lights burning through the battery at a faster rate. If you aren’t travel long at nights then it really doesn’t matter. However if you plan on doing some serious night time bikepacking then you need to work out how you’re going to get your lighting to last the duration. This headlamp comes with five power modes operated through the use of a single touch button. To turn the light on press and hold the button. The five power modes are:

    • ‘Breathing flash’ which is a slow flicker (18 hours battery duration)
    • Low – 200m Lumen(4.5 hours battery duration)
    • Medium – 600 lumen  (3 hours battery duration)
    • High – 1000 lumen (2.2 hours battery duration) 200 metre beam
    • Flash

I’ve never used the flashing mode on this light and in all honesty if you are travelling on the road at night you wouldn’t want to. From there it’s a matter of choosing the power and duration of the light you want. In most cases I will use the medium power setting which is when I’m training in the early mornings (I don’t do long distance night time bikepacking). This unit sells for AUD $49.99 RRP and at that price having a second one is manageable and will allow you to charge the first unit if you’re doing some longer times.

This unit is easy to attach to the bike and easy to remove. There’s enough movement that you can direct the light downwards or up as the conditions require. If you are using a front roll bag on the handlebars you will need to set up the light and the bag so that the light beam does its job.

This is a compact powerful light that is easy to operate. For me at least its used for training rides rather than bikepacking trips – others can’t but notice when this light is on!

We Like

  • Easy accèss USB recharging
  • Easy to operate with a single button
  • Five power settings
  • Up to 200 metre beam on full power setting
  • 90 degree beam
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to attach and remove from the mounting bracket which is also easy to install
  • Will fit most bikes
  • 4 battery warning indicators so you can see where your power availability stands

We Don't Like

  • 5 hours to full charge
  • If you are doing a full night ride then you will need to recharge after 2.2  hours on 1000 lumen strength and 3 hours on 600 lumen setting
  • Only lights up the road/trail ahead so if you want to see anything else a headlamp is more versatile

Best Uses

  • For those low light/night time bikepacking trips

Buy One

You can purchase the ROCKBROS 1000 Lumen Bike Headlight from Amazon Australia

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AUD $49.99 RRP

ROCKBROS 1,000 Lumen Bike Headlight


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Last updated

8 July 2024

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