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  • Language English
  • Author Florence Williams
  • First Published 2018
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The Nature Fix


The Nature Fix Book Review

The full tittle of this book is actually The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative  and that’s essentially the topic under discussion; our connection with nature and the positive impacts and benefits that we derive.

The book sets out a number of examples of ‘connection with nature’ and discusses the impacts of connecting with nature using various examples from around the world. Where available the author, Florence Williams, looks at various studies that almost without fail, show the great benefit of immersing yourself in nature whether it be living in a green environment or getting out and about. One example directly discusses the impact of hiking without your phone and the improvement it has on your memory post hike.

While I like this book it is by no means a light read. There are the occasional black and white images in this book although they are limited. Combined with an almost academic style of writing, this is a heavy read and best consumed in short doses. The contradiction here is the occasional blunt language (swearing) which you don’t expect.

So is this book for you? If you want to know more about the benefits that a connection with nature can have, then its a worthwhile read. If you are looking for a light read, then its probably not for you.

Chapter Headings

The Nature Fix : Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative

  • Introduction: The Cordial Air 1
  • Part One
    • Looking for Nature Nuerons
      • The Biophillia Effect 17
      • How Many Neuroscientists Does It Take to Find a Stinking Milkvetch? 33
  • Part Two
    • Nature Nearby: The First Five Minutes
      • The Smell of Survival 59
      • Birdbrain 85
      • Box of Rain 105
  • Part Three
    • Five Hours A Month
      • You May Squat Down and Feel a Plant 131
      • Garden of Hedon 149
      • Rambling On 169
  • Part Four
    • Backcountry Brain
      • Get Over Yourself: Wilderness, Creativity and the Power of Awe 187
      • Water on the Brain 203
      • Please Pass The Hacksaw 221
  • Part Five
    • The City In A Garden
      • Nature for the Rest of Us 241
  • Epilogue 253
  • Acknowledgements 259
  • Notes 261
  • Illustration Credits 281

We Like

  • An interesting topic and a great read for those into the benefits of a connection with nature

We Don't Like

  • Text dense
  • A ‘heavy’ style of writing

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