• Sizes 1.9"
  • Weight 1.9" 23 grams
  • Construction material Cork
  • Cost $33.14

Rawlogy Rustic Ultralight Cork Massage Ball 1.9″



Rating: 8.2 / 10
Value for Money 2.0 / 2.5
Weight  2.4 / 2.5
Durability 2.2 / 2.5
Versatility 1.6 / 2.5

Rawology Cork Ball Review

For me this one of those accessories I only tend to carry on multi-day long distance hikes. Doing multiple days of big distances puts a strain on the body particularly at the start of a hike as you get used to carrying a weighted pack day in day out. While there are alternatives to massage balls, I find that they just manage to work out those pesky knots so much better than using a trekking pole or water bottle.

In hikes over the past few years I have tended towards carrying a golfball as its relatively lightweight and takes up almost no space in the pack compared to a lacrosse ball and dedicated massage balls I use at home way too much. The disadvantage of the golfball is that its too small to get into those knots the way I like and this is where cork massage balls come into play.

Being made of a natural extremely lightweight cork, this massage balls weighs so much less than polycarbonate versions. The one I went for is 1.9″ and physically bigger than a golfball but at 23 grams weighs about half the weight. The larger size also works better on those muscle the knots.

The only real downside of cork balls is as a natural material, they tend to be prone to attracting dirt – just look at the handles on cork trekking poles as a guide. This is a minor issue and in all honesty not one that tends to impact on the usability but rather the cosmetic appearance.

Cost-wise at AUD$33.14 RRP  this massage ball is reasonably priced and if you buy it as part of a multipack deal it works out even cheaper.

This little massage ball is well worth considering, particularly as a long distance hiker but also for use at home.

We Like

  • Very lightweight (23 grams), particularly for the size
  • Great for ironing out those muscle knots after big days on the trail
  • Made from a natural material

We Don't Like

  • Cork tends to hold the dirt more-so than the plastic versions

Best Uses

Great for trips where you need to get the kinks out after those longer days

Buy One

You can purchase the Rawlogy Rustic Ultralight Cork Massage Ball online from Amazon Australia or Amazon USA

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AUD$33.14 RRP

Other Versions

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Rawolgy Cork Ball in and out of the packet

Rawlogy Rustic Ultralight Cork Massage Ball 1.9″ size

Rawlogy Rustic Ultralight Cork Massage Ball 1.9′ compared to a golf ball. I found the golfball was just that little bit too small and also heavier than the cork ball. In fact this size cork ball is less than half the weight of the golfball


This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by Australian Hiker

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