• Capacity 10 litres
  • Weight 251 grams
  • Material 1000D Synthetic, BPA Free Food Grade Laminated Lining
  • Cost $129.95

MSR Dromedary 10L Water Storage



Rating: 9 / 10
Weight 2.4 / 2.5
Durability 2.4 / 2.5
Value for money 2.1 / 2.5
Usability 2.1 / 2.5

MSR Dromedary 10L Water Storage Review

This purchase started out with a specific purpose in mind and that was hill pack training. I walk up hills with a full water bladder, empty the bladder out at the top of the hill and then walk down with minimal weight. The idea is that you get all the work on your legs going up hill but on the way down, the impact on your knees is minimised which in my case is an important consideration.

MSR has always had a reputation for producing high quality, high capacity water bladders something that has continued with the current range of Dromedary water storage bladders. These bladders come in 4L, 6L and 10L capacity.

What surprised me was the weight. I typically use a 3L Osprey Water Bladder for my longer hikes as I like having the extra capacity when needed. I was surprised when I purchased my 10 litre MSR Dromedary to find that it weighed 251 grams and my 3L Osprey which weighed 310 grams! In all fairness, if you convert the Dromedary to a drinking bladder its adds an additional 55 grams which still comes in under the weight of my 3L bladder.

This bladder is very robust made of 1000 Denier BPA free fabric and can be used as either a storage bladder for car camping or large capacity bladder for camping. It’s rare that hikers need to carry this much water but sometimes it does happen. In addition this bladder can be converted to a shower with the right attachment so iT can become a very versatile unit.

The standard bladder comes with a 3−in−1 Hydration Cap which is a fancy way of saying the larger ring screws off for emptying water or filling the bladder. The smaller nozzle has a small pouring spout and can also be unscrewed to attach a shower or hydration bladder nozzle.

For me this bladder is a versatile unit when we car camp. It will get regular use for my uphill pack training and it will potentially accompany me on some future long dry hikes that I have planned to provide with with plenty of water carrying capacity.

MSR Dromedary 10L Water Storage

MSR Dromedary 10L full

3−in−1 Hydration Cap. The larger ring screws off for emptying water or filling the bladder. The smaller nozzle has a small pouring spout and can also be unscrewed to attach a shower or hydration bladder nozzle

We Like

  • Robust heavy-duty abrasion resistant fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Packs down to a small size
  • Can be turned into a hydration bladder or a shower with the right attachments
  • Copes with boiling or near frozen water
  • Great for camping as well as hiking

We Don't Like

  • If I’m being picky from a hiking perspective, its heavy to carry when full but if you are going to be carrying 10 litres then this is a great option
  • On the dearer side

Buy One

You can purchase the MSR Dromedary 10L Water Storage from Snowys or from Wild Earth

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AUD $129.95 RRP but often available at a discounted price

Best uses

  • For when you need to carry large amounts of water either for hiking or camping

Other Versions

  • MSR Dromedary 4L
  • MSR Dromedary 6L


This review was done with product purchased from a retailer by Australian Hiker

Last updated

18 February 2024

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