• Weight 26 grams
  • Length 250mm
  • Cost $12.95

GSI Essential Spoon-Long



Rating: 9.2 / 10
Value for Money 1.9 / 2
Comfort 2.0 / 2
Weight   1.9 / 2
Durability 1.8 / 2
Versatility 1.6 / 2

GSI Essential Spoon-Long Review

I spotted the GSI Essential Spoon-Long and thought why not give it a try and I’m glad I did.  This spoon is a very lightweight plastic but I was surprised when it weighed in heavier than both of our titanium spoons we had previously been using. Titanium spoons still remain some of the lightest on the market. Having said that, the reason the GSI Essential Spoon-Long weighs more is its length being 35mm longer than other spoons. For someone with fairly large hands this extra length is greatly appreciated. The handle also has a bit more bulk which also makes it more comfortable to hold.

The other advantage of this particular spoon is that the head of the spoon is covered with a softer rubberised material which makes for  a very comfortable feel in the mouth as opposed to the hard feel of a traditional metal spoon. This softer head is also a bonus on many modern day pots that have a non stick surface in that you are less likely to scratch the pot with this rubberised spoon.

Another big benefit over and above the titanium cousins is the cost – it’s priced at under AUD $13 which is pretty cheap for this robust comfortable spoon. The rubberised spoon head almost acts as a windscreen wiper making it much easier to clean up your food container.

One negative, and this is being pretty picky here, is that with a metal spoon you can use it to spread things like peanut butter and other spreads but this is not an option with this softer plastic spoon. In fact if the weather is cold and you are into peanut butter then it can be a bit of hard work .

There are very few pieces of hiking equipment that I can say I love but this is one of them and this spoon has been my go to option for the past five years.

We Like

  • The soft edge on the spoon head is more comfortable in the mouth
  • The plastic handle is easier to hold than the metal versions
  • This spoon is about 35mm longer than the metal options on the market and that extra length is a luxury for those with big hands who don’t want to get themselves covered in food when eating from bags. That means less mess

We Don't Like

  • It’s a spoon and while it can be used to spread soft spread on bread you can’t really use it to cut up anything like steak
  • In cold weather you can struggle with solid spreads such as peanut butter

Best Uses

  • Ultralight backpacking
  • People with small or large hands

Buy One

You can purchase the GSI Essential Long Handled Spoon online from Snowys or from Wild Earth

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AUD $12.25 RRP

GSI Long Handled Spoon

This image shows the spoon from the back

GSI Essential Spoon-Long front


This review was done with product purchased by Australian Hiker

Last updated

21 March 2024

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