• Weight 30 gram/peg
  • Length 24cm
  • Pegs/pack 4
  • Construction material 7000 series Aluminium alloy
  • Cost $65.50

MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes



Rating: 8.2 / 10
Value for Money 1.6 / 2
Durability 1.6 / 2
Versatility 1.6 / 2
Weight   1.6 / 2
Ease of Use 1.8 / 2

MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes Review

The MSR Cyclone Stake can best be described as a specialist stake because this isn’t a stake you are going to carry with you very often. As the name ‘cyclone’ suggests this is a stake for use in conditions with high winds. So what makes this the ideal high wind stake?.

As an MSR stake the Cyclone, like all other MSR stakes, is red in colour which is very helpful in preventing loss in the bush. This stake also comes with a reflective pull cord which helps to minimise injuring your feet if you get up in the middle of the night and have to dodge the minefield of metal stakes that surround any tent.

Now for the specifics that make this tent stake so different. Like its smaller cousins the Groundhog and the Mini Groundhog, the Cyclone is a ‘Y’ stake (the shape when viewed from the top) which helps hold it in the ground and not twist out. Where the Cyclone is different is that the vanes are also twisted – when you see this stake in the flesh it looks a bit like a stick of red licorice.

The size of these stakes is both a positive and a negative. At 24 cm (9.5″) in length they provide another mechanism for holding tight into the ground when the winds are extreme. The downside is they can be a bit hard to drive into the ground if the soil is dry or firm. While it’s easy enough to use your shoe to push in the smaller stakes that’s not really an option for the Cyclone. In practice what this means is you need to carry a small hammer or locate a nearby rock.

Light most of MSR’s other stakes, they are constructed using 7075 aluminium alloy which has a very high strength to weight ratio. You will see cheaper copy versions of these pegs being sold but they are unlikely to have the same quality of alloy in them so won’t be as durable. They also have a notch towards the top of the stake that traps the tent guy lines and prevents them from slipping off.

Weight wise these stakes aren’t overly heavy at 30 grams but when compared with the average tent peg which is  around 6-10 grams, that does add up if you are carrying a full set of pegs.

The MSR Cyclones are sold in a pack of 4 and at AUD $65.50 RRP ($16.38 per peg) they aren’t cheap. Having said that, if you look after these pegs they will last you for many years.

As a Y stake, the downside is that the top of the stake can damage your feet if you manage to kick them if you get up in the night. MSR tend to round and smooth the tops of their pegs to minimise this unlike some other cheap knock offs that are very sharp. The reflective red and white pull cord highlight the pegs if you use a light so there is less chance of kicking them with your feet.

These pegs have two main uses. First and foremost these are for hikers who want a bullet proof choice for exposed areas that are prone to windy conditions such as the Australian alps. The tent is likely to give way before these pegs do. The other use is for the large car camping tents. While these pegs aren’t going to be for everyone and may only be used occasionally, if you do camp in very windy conditions they are worth considering.

We like

  • Good length at 24 cm (9.5″) to bite into the ground
  • Twisted vanes to stop the peg from twisting or pulling out under pressure
  • Made from extremely high strength 7075 series aluminium alloy so it’s less likely to bend and will last for years
  • Reflective pull cord for night time visibility
  • Red colouring so it’s easy to find

We don't like

  • Won’t hold well in sandy soils or snow however that’s not what they are designed for
  • At $16.24 per stake they aren’t cheap. They are however excellent value for money for what they do
  • Bulky size so only carry them when you need them
  • At 30 grams each they aren’t light for a test peg

Best Uses

  • If you expect strong winds in exposed areas then this is the stake you need!

Buy One

You can purchase the MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes in Australia from the Wild Earth

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AUD $65.50 RRP

MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes as purchased in a pack of 4

MSR Cyclone Tent Stake in a large male hand. The reflective red and white pull loop is visible on the left of the stake

Other versions

MSR produce a wide range of stakes but the ones listed blow are some of the better known ones


This review was done with product provided by the Australian importer of MSR

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