• Weight 380 grams
  • Dimensions 295cm x 120cm x 80cm
  • Main material Polyester mesh with 80 holes/cm²
  • Cost $99.99

Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net

Shelter Accessory


Rating: 8.2 / 10
Value for Money 1.7 / 2
Durability 1.5 / 2
Convenience 1.6 / 2
Weight 1.7 / 2
Versatility 1.7 / 2

Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net Review

Apart from making a great sleeping option, hammocks can be used as a means of relaxing at home, on the beach or during a day hike. However when you have a hammock like the Sea to Summit Jungle Hammock Set which has an integrated bug net, it limits how you use your hammock; there are benefits of integration but also negatives.

This is where having an add-on bug net like the Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net makes sense. While some components of the Sea to Summit hammock system are specific to the range and designed to be used as part of an integrated brand system, this bug net can be used with any gathered end hammock. You can use this net at night when the mosquitoes are out or during the day when the flies are bad. If however you are in a bug free environment then you can opt not to use the netting and then you can use your hammock as a seat length wise or sitting with your feet dangling which is pretty difficult with an integrated net system.

The best way to think about this bug net is like a tent inner which has a door and a fine material to keep all the creepy crawlies out. This is an easy to set up option and we usually attach one end of the hammock to a tree, slide the netting onto the hammock and then attach the second end of the hammock to the opposite tree.

Rather than using a ridge line that runs the length of the hammock, this netting system comes with a small spacer bar  that helps to keep the netting off your face (see images below). This system is both a pro and a con. The benefit is that it provides an unimpeded view of the sky and if you aren’t using a tarp then this is a big plus. Having said that a ridge line is a handy thing to have if you want to hang nicknacks up out of the way in small accessory pockets.

The other downside to this netting system is that you need to have your hammock at a minimum height that keeps the netting from dragging on the ground and while this isn’t an issue for taller hikers this minimum height may not suit those of shorter stature. Another negative is that as a large male I find the door opening a bit on the smaller side and given the choice, I prefer the fully integrated netting that comes with the Jungle Hammock Set and which unzips almost along the entire side making it really easy to get into and out of.

Price wise the Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net is on the higher side of this product type but not by much coming in at around AUD $99.99 RRP.

This netting system is very versatile and if that’s high on your list of hammock priorities then it is definitely the way to go. If however your hammock typically gets used in bug infested environments or you only ever use your hammock for sleeping rather than lounging, then a hammock with an integrated net system may be a better choice.

We Like

  • Use it when you want, leave it off when you don’t need it
  • Large right-angle zip opens wide for easy access
  • Made from soft, polyester mesh with 80 holes per cm² for excellent bug protection
  • Compact in its stuff sack

We Don't Like

  • As a larger guy I find the door a bit small
  • To keep the fine mesh of the ground you need to set up your hammock at a minimum height which may not suit you if you are of shorter stature

Best Uses

  • Great bug net option for gathered end hammocks

Buy One

You can purchase the Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net from Macpac 

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AUD $99.99 RRP

Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net

Bug net on a hammock

Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net close up of the door zip. The spacer bar is contained under the red line running across the top of the mesh

Bug net on a hammock – non door side

Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net – end view

Sea to Summit Bug Net in its stuff pack


This review was done with product provided by Sea to Summit for testing

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