• Pages 96
  • Language English
  • Author Michelle Ryan
  • First Published 2020
  • Weight 99 grams
  • Cost $21.99

The Capes Guidebook

Guidebook 3rd edition

The Capes Guidebook Review

I’m one of these people that believes that there is no such thing as a perfect guidebook with any attempt being a compromise. It’s pretty much impossible to provide all the information, range of images, and details on the chosen trail that I like to know while at the same time produce a compact and lightweight book.

In the case of the Capes guide book, written for the Western Australian Cape to Cape Track, the author, Michelle Ryan, has opted for the minimalist approach producing a book that weights in at 99 grams and will fit into a standard ziplock sandwich bag. This compact size and minimal weight means that you wont really notice this tiny little package in your pack.

The details provided in this book focus on the critical information of ‘way finding’ on trail and go light of the details that are ‘nice to know’, but not critical to do the walk such as plants and animals. This is one of those trails were having fine scale detailed maps aren’t really necessary. What you do get are detailed directions that can help you along the way if you want confirmation that you are on track. The downside of producing such a tiny little guidebook is the limited information on the nice to know topics but I can live with that. At just over AUD$21.00RRP its also not going to break the bank.

If you are considering walking the Cape to Cape Track then this is a great little resource that’s worth carrying with you which is what we did on our trip.

Chapter Headings

The Capes Guidebook

  • Introduction
  • Advice to the Hiker
  • Discalimer
  • Safety
  • DO and DONT
  • Trail Markers
  • Highlights along the way
  • Trail map
  • Track Notes
    • Cape Naturaliste
    • Mt Duckworth
    • Moses Rock
    • Ellensbrook
    • Prevelly
    • Conto
    • Hamelin bay
    • Deepene
  • About the Author
  • Useful information

We Like

  • A tiny compact guidebook will all the necessary facts thats also a great planning tool

We Don't Like

  • A greater range of images would be good but then that would increase the size and weight

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You can purchase The Capes Guidebook from Angus and Robertson or from the Author

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AUD $21.99 RRP

The Capes Guidebook – cover image 3rd edition

Page example – descriptive text and elevation map Ellensbrook to Prevelly

The Capes Guidebook image 2 – Trail markers and highlights

The Capes Guidebook image turn by turn directions


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