• Size 225ml
  • Cost $26.95

Storm Eco Proofer Spray-On

Waterproofing product


Rating: 9 / 10
Value for Money 2.0 / 2.5
Effectiveness 2.4 / 2.5
Ease of use 2.2 / 2.5
Versatility 2.4 / 2.5

Storm Eco Proofer Spray-On Review

If you look more closely into care and maintenance of hiking clothing and gear, you will soon discover we should never really take it out of our house if we want it to last. Given that’s not going to happen, we need to provide a degree of care and maintenance including thorough cleaning and when required, regular water proofing. In most cases my gear just ends up going through the washing machine but at least once a year, or immediately prior to an extended trip, I get serious and use dedicated outdoor gear cleaning and waterproofing products to ensure I get the best out of my trip.

One of the newer ranges of outdoor cleaning products on the Australian market is the storm Care range out of the UK. While there is an extensive range of products, many retailers have cherry picked key items such as the Storm Eco Proofer Spray-On. While Storm has a wash-in version of this product but this spray-on version is a bit unique typically being limited to outdoor footwear.

The idea of a spray-on products is that you bypass the need to run your washing machine and if you are short of time or are in a situation where you’re about to head out bush, then this is a great option. The spray-on option also allows you to target particular areas such as the seams or if the garment is a bit older, those areas that are starting to show their age. If you are going to waterproof everything you own, then using a wash-in option is a better choice.

To use this product Storm recommends starting with fully cleaned equipment/clothing. The recommendation it to use the Storm Wash Cleaner as the first step because applying a waterproofing layer to dirty items isn’t particularly effective. The process for using this product is as follows:

  • Clean garment if required with Storm Wash Cleaner
  • Use on damp or dry fabric
  • Shake bottle and spray evenly from a distance of 10-15 cm. Rub over with a clean cloth dampened with proofer to ensure better performance and reduce runs
  • Allow to drip dry for 12 hours or tumble dry or air dry if you are short on time

Price wise at AUD$26.95 RRP this product is competitively priced for a waterproofing product. It can often be found selling at a cheaper price so if you are only using this once or twice a year then this won’t be a major impost.

While I’m likely to use the wash-in water proofing products, I do like the idea of a spray-on option that means if you have forgotten to waterproof and don’t have the time to run things through the wash or just want to provide that extra bit of surety particularly on seams or weak areas in the garment, then this will definitely be the way to go.

Storm Eco Proofer Spray-On

We Like

  • Rejuvenates the waterproof layer on your outdoor gear
  • Suitable for all outdoor wear textiles – including softshells (fleece) and outer jackets
  • Allows you to target seams and weak areas in the fabric
  • A quick option for when you don’t have time to use the wash-in version
  • Gentle on fabrics – increases garment lifespan, restores water repellency and improves breathability
  • Abrasion-resistant i.e. hard to wear off
  • Eco formulated – PCF-free, ecologically-friendly formula.

We Don't Like

  • Will work out as a bit expensive if you have a lot of gear to wash, in which case use the wash-in version

Best Uses

To help rejuvenate the waterproofing properties of your outdoor gear. This should be done at least annually

Buy One

You can purchase the Storm Eco Proofer Spray-On from Wild Earth

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AUD$26.95 RRP (look for regular sales)

Other Versions

Storm has a large range of cleaning and protective products to help keep your gear in top condition


This review was done with product provided by the Australian distributor of Storm products

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