• Garment Weight-size L 173 grams
  • Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Colours Various
  • Cost $100.00

Ottie Men’s Merino T-shirt

Men's clothing


Rating: 8.8 / 10
Durability 1.8 / 2
Versatility 1.7 / 2
Weight 1.7 / 2
Comfort 1.8 / 2
Value for Money 1.8 / 2

Ottie Men's Merino T-shirt Review

There isn’t a shortage of outdoor apparel however many companies tend to produce similar types and ranges of gear, much of which is now produced outside of Australia. So it’s great to see new Australian companies starting up. Ottie Merino is a relatively new company (at the time of writing this review) being less than a year old and currently only producing one product and that’s T-shirts in men’s and women’s sizes. I’m sure that this range will expand in the future but it is good to see new start ups walking before they run (pun intended).

The other big plus with Ottie is that it is produced by an experienced hiker who knows what they like and realises the the shortcomings of existing products. I had been aware of this company for a few months and was keen to try out their offering so when I had the opportunity to test one out, I was happy given I am a big fan of Merino garments.

Now I need to own up here – the only time you will see me in a T-shirt when hiking is during the winter months or early in the morning. I prefer to keep fully covered up and be insect-proof most of the time.

First up Merino wool is an excellent material for outdoor activities. I’m old enough to remember the stuff we used to wear years ago that was extremely scratchy but these day manufacturers are using super fine wool that doesn’t itch. Merino has a number of other benefits including minimal smell after multiple days use and it also keeps you warm even when its sopping wet. And of course it’s also a natural fibre.

Now for this specific garment. These T-shirts are a loose fit (for the average person). I wear a large size and as I review this T-shirt not only am I carrying additional weight that I don’t want but I’m also bulking up due to gym work so I will usually find that the average large T-shirt will be snug fitting which I actually don’t mind. With these T-shirts they are sold as ‘relaxed fit’ and they definitely are that. I also find that the arm and neck holes are comfortable and that’s an area that is usually a problem for me. I usually struggle with the neck opening on many garments as they aren’t really designed for people who lift weights. Even as someone with a muscular neck I find that this T-shirt is very comfortable.

The length of this T-shirt is one of the biggest pluses – I usually find that most garments are on the short side for me. In this case Ottie has been very generous and I have never had the issue of this T-shirt riding up. Comfort-wise the stitching and styling is traditional but a joy to wear.

Now I mentioned that in general Merino wool doesn’t tend to smell as much as other fabrics and after wearing this T-shirt for multiple days without washing it sailed through that test really well.

Another ‘test’ I also tend to do is to dry my garments in a clothes drier. I simply don’t have the time to do otherwise and also can’t be bothered to clothesline or drip dry these days. Like every other wool garment manufacturers on the market Ottie recommends not putting this garment into a clothes dryer. As usual I ignored this advice and the T-shirt has responded well and hasn’t shrunk.

The Ottie Merino T-shirts come in four colours including Black, Otway Fern, Plum and Granite. The colour range in general is relatively neutral and won’t offend anyone.

This tee is relatively lightweight as you would expect (160-165 grams).  For the the average hikers these thicknesses will suit well but from a personal perspective I prefer 135-150 gsm material if given an option.

Ottie is an Australian company, using Australian wool and Australian labour to produce great products so while you may come across a cheaper product this is about supporting local businesses.

Now would I buy one? The answer is definite yes! Over the past year I have moved away from buying non Australian products if I can find a locally produced one of good quality and this T-shirt definite falls into that category. At AUD$100 RRP its well priced when compared to other similar products. So if you are looking at a new Merino wool T-shirt for hiking then this is a great option.

Ottie Merino T-shirt Otway Fern colour (Green)

Ottie Merino T-shirt front view

Ottie Merino T-shirt side view

Ottie Merino T-shirt rear view

Ottie Merino T-shirt under arm view

Ottie Merino T-shirt close up of stitching and fabric at the arm

Ottie Merino T-shirt neck view

Ottie Merino Mens T shirt Granite colour

Ottie Merino Mens T shirt Black colour

Ottie Merino Mens T shirt Plum colour

We Like

  • The body length on this T-shirt will suit even the tallest hikers, it’s very generous
  • 100% super fine Merino
  • Good range of sizes
  • Relaxed fit will suit most hikers
  • Australian owned, Australian made

We Don't Like

  • I’m a cold weather lover so purely from a personal perspective I would love a thinner grade material but I’m in the minority here

Best Uses

As a standalone layer in warm weather or as a base layer in your layering system

Buy One

You can purchase the Ottie Men’s Merino T-Shirt from Ottie

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AUD $100.00 RRP

Other Versions

While Ottie is a relatively new company (3 years old in 2023) they are progressively expanding their range and now including long and short sleeve tops, underwear, socks, and thermal wear


This review was done with product provided by Ottie Merino

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