• Package Weight 101 Grams
  • Product Weight 85 Grams
  • Calories per serve 394 calories
  • Cost $4.99

Back Country Cuisine Iced Mocha



Rating: 8.4 / 10
Value for Money 2.1 / 2.5
Taste   1.9 / 2.5
Convenience  2.3 / 2.5
Weight 2.1 / 2.5

Back Country Cuisine Iced Mocha Review

Back Country Cuisine is a New Zealand based company established in 2008 that originally provided freeze dried food for military purposes. Over the years they have expanded their product offering and have become the dominant player in freeze dried meals for the Australian and New Zealand outdoor industry. While the mainstream freeze dried meal offerings are better known they also produce a range of liquid based meals that includes the smoothie range as well as the relatively new Iced Mocha.

This product is designed as a snack or a meal replacement, and the single serve packet provides 494 calories (1650 kilojoules). While you could use this at anytime of the day I’m more inclined to use this as a breakfast or lunch as its quick and easy as well as being something you can drink on the go. I also prefer a hot solid meal for dinner.

The recommendation is to use either hot or cold water depending on your preference and while the packet doesn’t specifically mention this, I would be disinclined to use boiling water. It’s not that I don’t think the packet will melt it’s more that you only have a narrow spout to get the water into the packet and if you use boiling water, you are likely to burn yourself. Preparing the Iced Mocha is about as easy as it gets and all you need to do is fill the pouch up with water and shake well until mixed which will take all of about 60 seconds.

Taste wise this is what you would expect from an Iced Mocha drink which is a combination of chocolate and coffee. As someone who has only recently given up coffee, I don’t mind the taste which contains 4% coffee. This drink is not overly rich like a lot of liquid meal replacements. Texture wise provided you give this drink a good shake you will remove all the lumps of powder and end up with a smooth liquid. Fail to shake it enough and you will end up with a drink with powered lumps. One last thing worth mentioning here is this is a gluten free meal option which can often be a hard thing for hikers to find in commercial products. For me the only real negative about this product is the packaging as once you’ve drunk it, the package becomes rubbish that you’ll need to carry until you can dispose of it.

The normal price of the Back Country Cuisine Iced Mocha sits around the AUD $4.99 RRP mark which is reasonable but not every outdoor store carries them so you may have to search around or buy them online.

If you’re not sure about the Iced Mocha as a meal or snack option for an upcoming trip, be sure to try it out beforehand and see what you think – coffee flavoured drinks can often be divide people and they either love them or hate them. Having said that I do find this type of product always tastes better on the trail than they do at home!

We Like

  • Minimal preparation time. Just add hot or cold water, shake and then drink
  • A quick meal or snack on the go for when you need something sweet
  • Gluten free
  • Oh and did we mention, it contains coffee

We Don't Like

  • Contains milk powder which may be an issue if you have any allergies

Best Uses

A meal replacement for short day hikes or as a snack on longer hikes. And did we mention the coffee taste!

Buy One

You can purchase the Back Country Iced Mocha from Snowys, Wild Earth, or from Wildfire Sports

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AUD $4.99 RRP

Back Country Cuisine Iced Mocha

Back Country Cuisine Iced Mocha spout


This review was done with product provided by the Australian distributor of Back Country Cuisine

Last updated

17 March 2024

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