• Available Sizes S-M, L-XL
  • Weight 66 grams
  • Colours Black
  • Material Lycra-heavy grade
  • Cost $54.99

Topo Performance Gaiters



Rating: 8.8 / 10
Value for Money   2.3 / 2.5
Durability    2.3 / 2.5
Comfort   2.1 / 2.5
Weight    2.1 / 2.5

Topo Performance Gaiters Review

I have always been a big fan of the Topo Athletic footwear but have never had the chance to try the Topo Performance Gaiters until recently. So when I got hold of a pair of each I jumped so quickly they turned up even before my shoes!

These gaiters are a heavier grade of lycra than the Altra Trail Gaiters or the Dirty Girl Gaiters but with that comes increased durability. The other benefit of these gaiters is they have a velcro closure system similar to the heavier grade gaiters used with hiking boots and as such, you can put your shoes on and then attach your gaiters or remove your gaiters really easily. This might sound like a minor thing but I can tell how many times over the years I have put my shoes on and laced them up only to have to undo them and slide the lycra gaiters up my legs and then put my shoes back on again. One potential negative with the Topo system is that velcro can be a weak point and while I haven’t owned these new gaiters for long, I think they will last the tine to justify the purchase.

The other thing to note is that the gaiter ‘trap’ system is specific to Topo shoes. On the rear of the gaiter there are two small metal hooks that slot into two small holes and a hook that connects to a small metal loop at the from of the shoe. I use a size 15US shoe and the L-XL gaiter (there is also S-M size) isn’t big enough for me to hook onto the metal loop at the front of the shoe so instead, I attach it to the bottom or second bottom lace row. I think that if you have a size 12-13 US shoe you will definitely be able to attach to this small metal loop but I just find its about 1-1.5 cm short for the bigger shoe.

Colour wise you can have any colour you want so long as it’s black; no opportunity to make a fashion statement here! Weight wise these gaiters weigh 66 grams which is very small but definitely heavier than the 37 grams of the other lycra gaiters. Weight really isn’t an issue with these gaiters and the additional weight will definably increase the durability.

These gaiters are essentially designed to keep debris and insects out of your Topo shoes and they do a good job at that. Having said that, when I hiked the Tasmanian South Coast Track I wore a set of heavy duty gaiters because of snakes but more so the mud, and Topo shoes handle that style of gaiters well.

So are these worth buying? What it comes down to is if you are a Topo shoe fan then these gaiters are definitely worth buying as an accessory. If however you want a lightweight pair of gaiters that can be used across different brands of trail runners, then look at the Altra Trail Gaiters or if really want to make a fashion statement, the Dirty Girl Gaiters.

Topo Performance Gaiters

Topo Ultraventure 3 name and shoe drop on the heel also showing the gaiter hooks

Topo Performance Gaiters showing front gaiter hook

Hooks inserted to gaiter hold point on the heel

Topo Performance Gaiters on a shoe rear view

Topo Performance Gaiters on a shoe front view. The front of the gaiters should attach to the little hook at the front of the shoe but my size 15US foot won’t allow them to stretch that far. They still work well hooked onto the laces

We Like

  • You put these gaiters on after your shoes
  • Easy to remove without taking off your shoes
  • The hook system is sturdy and doesn’t shift
  • Durable
  • Heavier grade of lycra used on this model

We Don't Like

  • Designed to suit Topo Athletic footwear – its Topo’s proprietary gaiter system
  • One colour only – black

Best Uses

  • Great for sandy or dusty trails to the keep muck, debris and creepy crawlies out of your low profile shoes
  • When you value function over fashion statements

Buy a Pair

Aussies can purchase the Topo Performance Gaiters online from Wild Earth or from Wildfire Sports

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AUD $54.99 RRP


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Last updated

21 January 2024

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