• Weight 580 grams
  • Cost $85.00

Borner V3 TrendLine Slicer Starter Set

Cooking accessory


Rating: 8.9 / 10
Value for Money 1.7 / 2
Ease of use 1.8 / 2
Weight   1.7 / 2
Speed   1.8 / 2
Durability 1.9 / 2

Borner V3 TrendLine Slicer Starter Set Review

Ok so not specifically a piece of hiking gear but I’ve had my Borner mandolin for over 15 years and in relation to preparing food for hiking this implement gets more use than my knives do. The main advantage with using a mandolin for food preparation is that weather you are slicing rings or creating Julienne slices (long skinny slices) for your food you end up with relatively consistent sizing. If you are creating a gourmet meal this helps in the presentation but when dehydrating fruit or meals for hiking having the individual pieces similar in size helps to allow the food to dry at a consistant speed.

Learning how to use a mandolin is relatively easy. Hold the fruit or vegetable that you are cutting at at consistant angle and run it up and down the cutting surface.  The key thing to remember is that you don’t want to loose bits of your fingers so keep them well away from the cutting blade which is close too being razor sharp. While you can just hang onto the food you are cutting by hand to do the initial slices make sure you don’t go to fast. As soon as you are about 8cm from the blade start using the hand guard which will allow you to cut food until its all gone. I mainly make dried fruit so don’t tend to use the julienne slicing blades instead saving these accessories for when I’m cooking meals for use at home.

These slicers haven’t changed to much over the years an this model its the equivalent of mine coming with three separate cutting in inserts allowing for julienne slices, chips, and slices win two different thicknesses. The main difference these days is that the set comes with a storage unit for the sharp blades where mine is still stored in the cardboard box it came in all those years ago.

This is by no means the cheapest model available and if you rarely use a mandolin then go for a cheaper option. I use mine at least once a week so can justify going for a dear model which is now over 15 years old.

If you are into making dehydrated hiking meals then a mandolin slicer will earn its keep very quickly.

We like

  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable (mine is over 15 years old)
  • Speeds up food preparation for hiking and when dehydrating keep the pieces relatively even in size allowing for consistant drying

We don't like

  • Mandolins while being an excellent accessory for preparing food can be dangerous; ALWAYS use the guard when slicing food otherwise you run the risk of slicing pieces off your hand

Best Uses

  • A key pice of cooking equipment for preparing home and hiking food alike

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You can purchase the Borner V3 TrendLine Slicer Starter Set from Amazon Australia

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AUD $85.00 RRP

Other Versions

Boner produces a large range of mandolin sets for those people that want something specific. the following provides an overview across the range:

Borner V3 TrendLine Slicer Starter Set

Slicing the apple an my Borner Mandolin, guard in place

Cutting pears on the mandolin


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