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Best Walks of NSW Mid North Coast Guidebook


Best Walks of NSW Mid North CoastGuidebook Review

I’m a big fan of the Woodlane Walking Guide series – they just seem to have developed a really good formula for getting the key points across. This new release (October 2022) titled Best Walks of NSW MID NORTH COAST, which is the 5th in this series that we have reviewed, is another great example.

This book provides relevant and helpful guidance on walks and hikes spanning the mid-north NSW coastal area ranging from Port Macquarie through to the Clarence Valley covering a distance of around 200 km in this region including Coffs Harbour.

I had a vested interest in this guidebook as this is an area of NSW I’m totally unfamiliar with and one that I’m hoping to visit over the next year to do some of the local hikes so this guidebook will be a great help.

The majority of the walks sit within the 6-12 km range with a number just below or just above that range including one 37 km walk, the New England Wilderness Walk, which is identified as a three day walk. The duration of most of these walks is less than 1/2 day so its possible to do 2-3 walks in an area before moving on. As was the case with the previous Woodlane Walking Guides we have reviewed, there are lots of walks I’m keen to undertake including the long walk.

One of the things that really surprised me with this guidebook is the sheer variety of the walks in this area. Coastal walks, sub tropical rainforest and dry eucalyptus forest all feature to provide something different and unique. I’m sure locals as well as visitors to this area will find these walks engaging. The indexing and referencing in this book, like others in this series, is great and easy to interpret.

Each trail review includes:

  • An Walks at a glance section including information on grade, time, distance, conditions, café availability and dog accessibility.
    • This section also groups walks into geographic areas making it easy to find walks close to your location
  • Walk information including numbered key features along the direction your heading covering what you’ll experience including history, nature etc.
  • Great photos that give you a real-life sense of the trail
  • A map that includes the numbered key features and a comprehensive sense of what’s there including facilities (toilet, camping, picnic areas etc.)
  • What you’ll see such as aboriginal art as well as cafés, wineries and even breweries for the urban walks

All walks are graded as easy, easy/medium, medium or hard. The book contains helpful guidance on what these terms mean.

I’m looking forward to getting up to this part of the NSW coastline and this handy guidebook will accompany me to help make the best use of my limited time.

We Like

  • Great information and photos that are helpful and realistic
  • Easy to read, no nonsense style
  • Comprehensive referencing and indexing
  • Walks at a glance summary which helps you focus in on an area for the walk length and the experience you want
  • Something for everyone to experience including a 37 km long walking option

We Don't Like

  • The maps have lots of symbols so you’ll need to locate and study the summary at the back of the book before you get started but the key is relatively easy to follow

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Best Walks of NSW MID NORTH COAST Guidebook front cover

Walks at a glance – a quick and east way to work out which walks you want to do

Hike example for Diamond Head including trail map. Each walk has at least three pages if not more of details

Hike example for the Port Macquarie Coastal Walk

About the author and book key

Other walking books in the series


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