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Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips by Mike Clelland


Ultralight Backpackin' Tips by Mike Clelland Book Review

Once seen as a short lived fad, the concept of ultralight backpacking has been around for many decades but it has really only been since the 1990’s with the availability of commercial lightweight gear, the internet and a range of books that it has really taken hold. While Trail Life – Ray Jardine’s Lightweight Backpacking, is seen as the bible for ultralight backpacking and still provides solid information, it has become dated and is difficult to find. This is where Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips by Mike Clelland comes in. Produced in 2011 this book is relatively modern and easy to find with the best place to purchase being through Amazon which is usually the case with niche books.

Like many ultralight books, this one covers the full range of topics including mindset, technique, the all important gear selection including ways of reducing the weight you carry, and pooping in the woods. This book is not large at 134 pages but it skims each topic providing just enough information rather than putting you to sleep. While this book does cover gear modification and simple gear hacks, it doesn’t really discuss making gear like some of the more in depth books so for those of you not yet committed to ultralight hiking, this may be the one for you. I also like the discussion on food and while I think 636 grams is a bit on the light side for a multi day trip, its not to far from where I sit with my own food weight.

While it is aimed squarely at those hikers who deliberately want to lighten their load, this book will make the traditional hiker rethink what is really essential to carry and perhaps result a shift in how you hike. If you’re working towards doing a long trail or at that stage where you are trying to reduce the weight you carry for logistical reasons and still retain a level of comfort, then this book is well worth reading.

Book Sections

The Manifesto
Basic Starting Points
The All-important Minds-set
Decision Making
Comprehensive Gear List
Backpack Tips
Travel Techniques
Camping Tips
Sleeping as a Skill
Soggy Conditions
Desert Travel
Pooping in the Wilderness
Final Thoughts

We Like

  • A good all round book that is relatively modern that provides a brief overview of many important hiking aspects
  • Even if you don’t want to go ultralight, this book provides a general insight into how to reduce the weight you carry
  • Easy to read with helpful (and at times entertaining) illustrations

We Don't Like

  • This book is Northern America based so the section on bears may not be of use if you are not planning on hiking in North America

Best Uses

  • A good all-round book that will help you lighten your load but also prompt traditional hikers to think about what they are carrying

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