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Australian Hiker was established in November 2016 with the goal of being THE independent and knowledgeable Australian source of information on hiking trails, gear and related advice.

The concept for Australian Hiker began in 2014 about the time I started planning for our 2016 Larapinta Trail trip. I’m one of those people who need all the information (down to the finest detail) and after months of research I discovered that the available guide books and internet sites still left me with questions concerning planning for our trip.

The Australian Hiker website was officially launched on 11 November 2016 with the aim of becoming your ‘Go to Resource’ for Australian hiking, as well as providing a southern hemisphere perspective on overseas hiking.  While our focus is on Australian trails, we also review iconic overseas trails.

The Australian Hiker podcast is Australia’s most downloaded and longest running hiking podcast.

We are valued for our independent advice and passion for hiking. Our philosophy is based on providing Advice, first hand and this means all our reviews and podcasts are based on what we have experienced, what we have hiked, what we have used and what we know.

Our listeners and followers trust us and value our insightful and independent advice. They appreciate our honesty, our willingness to share personal experiences and our ability to support them in making informed choices that suit their needs and circumstances.

While we realise that no single site can provide every piece of information on all things hiking, this website and its associated podcast is designed to provide a unique resource, including upfront opinions based on our experiences on the trail that we hope will assist you in achieving your hiking goals.

Tim and Gill Savage – Australian Hiker

Tim Savage

One of the earliest skills we learn is how to walk and for most of us we keep on doing so until the day we die. It is one of the few activities we share in common, no matter what our background or beliefs; we usually don’t think about it, we just do it. For me walking is more than just getting from point A to point B, it is a way to connect with the world in an almost primal manner, as well as allowing me to tune out of the modern world. Most of my ‘spiritual’ moments throughout my life have come from being in the outdoors and it’s where I love being the most.

I have a background in landscape architecture, horticulture and cultural heritage with a particular interest in how we engage with the environment. Through this interaction we create connections with the landscape and in doing so create a voice that helps to conserve our natural resources. I have been hiking on and off for over 40 years in a number of countries around the world but don’t claim to be an expert. I know what works for me based on my own experiences, have an insatiable love for learning, and just like getting out in nature. My idea of an enjoyable walk ranges from a short walk to work through to multi-day hikes, and even multi-week hikes covering 100’s of kilometres.

In the past few years I have become interested in long distance hiking and with that the need to not only lighten my load but also to reassess every aspect of how I do things to manage road blocks my body throws at me. I can’t just throw myself into a hike like I could when I was younger and need to work out smarter ways to achieve my hiking goals. For me this website and associated podcast is about sharing my knowledge, experiences and opinions with the aim of helping others achieve their own goals.

Gill Savage

I am Tim’s longtime partner and over a lifetime together, we have done just about everything in tandem. Hiking is no different and we really enjoy the planning, the setting off and the story telling of a great hike. My career involves wearing suits and going to lots of meetings. For me, the hiking experience is just the tonic I need to keep me heading back into the boardroom! I really appreciate the opportunity that hiking provides me to simplify my life.

  • I like the fact that my mobile phone doesn’t have a network connection when we are in the middle of a long hike
  • I like the fact that to make my pack light enough to carry on multi day hikes, I need to jettison anything that isn’t essential
  • And I like that hiking provides a focus for my physical fitness and weight training.

Hiking brings me joy. I remember vividly the first time I experienced Nature’s Window in the Kalbarri National Park on the Coral Coast of Western Australia. I still retell how the overwhelming beauty of the stunning landscape made me feel. That experience didn’t necessitate a long walk from the car but many others do. A few years ago, we experienced the joy of hiking through Bhutan. On that trip by the time we had walked for two days, we had reached a place of seclusion. The only other way to that spot was via helicopter – so sometimes you just have to walk. We had the privilege of sitting on the floor in the village homes of the Yak herders sharing food and learning about their culture.

That is why I hike. I am by no means a tree hugger or an earth mother. Be assured that I trade a very small lightweight tent for a fancy hotel whenever I get the chance. It’s just that for a whole bunch of reasons you will no doubt discover, every now and then I appreciate being outdoors to enjoy the simple life and natural beauty.

The Australian Hiker Podcast

The Australian Hiker Podcast is currently Australia’s most downloaded locally hiking podcast. Since launching in November 2016 we have been downloaded over 1,000,000 times worldwide.

You can listen to just one episode but the best way to listen to the Australian Hiker Podcast is by subscribing through iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher Radio, Spotify where the podcast episodes will be delivered to your device almost as soon as they are published. Go on, you know you want to!

You can listen to the Australian Hiker Podcast in the following ways:

  • Through our website. All our episodes can be found here
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Our Trail Reviews

All trail reviews posted on this website have been personally walked by us. What this means for you is that our trail write up’s are real life experiences and not cut and paste from somewhere else on the internet with no fact checking done! The downside is that it will take a while for us to experience all of Australia’s fantastic hikes up but quality is always more important to us as quantity!

Our Gear Reviews

Tim is a compulsive researcher when it comes to hiking gear and usually spends weeks, if not months, researching a piece of equipment before buying for our own use. The gear we review is the end result of this extensive research. We post ‘first impressions’ on some gear  depending on the gear type and then full reviews once we have had a good period of testing which can range up to a number of months!

We don’t post reviews of equipment we have not used and we do not accept payment for doing a review! Our reviews are an honest appraisal of how it has performed after a period of ‘hands on’ testing, warts and all.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier that would like us to review your gear please feel free to contact us.

Our Affiliations

Australian Hiker has established affiliations with a small number of online stores to assist you in sourcing the gear we review. We purchase from these online stores and have established our affiliations following extensive personal testing of the services they offer. While we do gain some small financial benefit if you do choose to purchase from our affiliated online stores, there is no additional cost to you. Our current affiliations are with:


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