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  • Language English
  • Author Jonathan Hoban
  • First Published 2020
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Walk With Your Wolf

Self Help

Walk With Your Wolf Book Review

I came across this book about a year ago and even though it’s a little bit different I thought why not see how it reads? First up Walk With Your Wolf: Unlock your intuition, confidence & power can best be described as a ‘self help’ book. You’ll fall into the ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ camps for this style of book. I’ll own up here and say I typically don’t read books of this kind being a stereotypically male that tends to work things out without instruction manuals.

The book title Walk With Your Wolf comes from the use of the ‘wolf’ as a metaphor for human duality, representing the wild side thats’ in all of us, the sub conscious mind, that need for space and the need to roam. This book introduces itself by setting the scene that many of us are stressed or depressed for one reason or another and then aims to help you resolve this through the use of ‘Walking Therapy’. The idea of walking therapy is not an uncommon one. Similar ideas come from the Japanese concept of forest bathing whereby getting into nature helps us unwind from the stresses and impacts modern life.

In this case the recommendation for walking therapy is to get out and walk for 90 minute walks. While the preference is to get into the natural environment, the author appreciates this isn’t always possible and that walking in any environment is going to help.

Where this book comes into its own is through the use of anecdotal stories and a series of recommended exercises to help you think through any issues you may have and to help get you into a walking routine. While this isn’t something that many hikers would have an issue with, for some people, having a process set out for them can be a help and if you are struggling then, this may be a book worthwhile reading.

Chapter Headings


  • Chapter 1: A Beast Called Stress
  • Chapter 2: First Signs Towards Your True Self
  • Chapter 3: First Signs Towards Your True Self
  • Chapter 4: The Giving and Taking of Power
  • Chapter 5: Making New Stories
  • Chapter 6: Depression and Disconnection
  • Chapter 7: Changing Times, Changing Lives
  • Chapter 8: Grief and Loss
  • Chapter 9: Never Enough – the Grip of Addiction
  • Chapter 10: Connecting the Self, Connecting the Soul
  • Chapter 11: Maintenance for Mind, Body, and Spirit




We Like

  • If you don’t know where to start in how to de-stress, then this is a step by step guide to help get you there

We Don't Like

  • Text heavy, some images would be good

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Walk With Your Wolf – exercise example


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