• Sizes Small, Medium, Large
  • Weight 1/4 Heght 60 grams
  • Construction material 80% Wool, 10% Lycra, 10% Nylon
  • Colours Charcoal, Black, Blue, Papaya
  • Cost $35.00

Wilderness Wear Merino Multi Sport 4.0 Sock



Rating: 8.7 / 10
Warmth 1.6 / 2
Comfort 1.8 / 2
Durability 1.8 / 2
Breathability 1.7 / 2
Value for Money 1.8 / 2

Wilderness Wear Multi Sport Sock Review

With so many hiking socks on the market these days finding one that suits my specific needs is a time consuming task and one that can’t be done in isolation. Your socks really form part of a ‘footwear system’ and ideally what you want is a sock that provides you with the right amount of padding underfoot, the right amount of warmth to keep your feet at your desired warmth, and the right amount of breathability so your feet don’t sweat.

In this I’m a bit of a rarity as far a hikers go. When it comes to choosing socks as I prefer my socks to be on the lighter side. I also want a sock that has a reasonable degree of padding on the sole of the foot given I often do big mileage. I want all this without the excessive heat common in thicker socks which make my feet sweat.

This combination can be hard to find and after years of looking around the Wilderness Wear Multi Sport Socks have become one of my favourite choices so when the model is updated, I continue to use them. The main change in this model is a cosmetic one. Over the various iterations these socks evolved becoming more refined in their appearance.

As a general overview I prefer a shorter sock and in most cases the 1/4 length on the Multi Sport Socks is ideal for me. The Wilderness Wear Merino Multi Sport Sock is made from 80% Australian wool from sheep bred in Tasmania with a focus on quality and sustainability, and avoiding chemical pollutants during the fibre treatment process. The socks also contain 10% Nylon and 10% Lycra for stretch and wicking. The addition of this small amount of synthetic fibre works well and delivers a sock that fits snuggly but feels really comfortable to wear.

The Wilderness Wear Merino Multi Sport Socks come in three sizes and four colours. While older models made assumptions about women having smaller feet and that being reflected in the colours, I can source this model in pale pink and large enough to suit my size 15 feet. Wilderness Wear also produces a women’s version.

These socks are well made, snug fitting and comfortable. Like many of the other Wilderness Wear socks they also contain stretch sections that keep the socks in place, even when wet.

Durability-wise I have used this sock for an extended period and the previous models have performed well and lasted in good condition for well over 2000+km before showing signs of wear and tear.

While sold as ‘multi wear’ socks I find them to be an ideal hiking sock. I also like the price point on these socks at AUD $35.00 RRP, which for a high quality Australian made, Australian wool sock, is pretty good. Coming from an Australian manufacturer also means they are easy to source.

This sock ticks all the boxes for hiking from my perspective and one that I am definitely happy to wear on any hike in all must the most frigid of conditions.

We Like

  • 80% WildernessWool™ and Australian made as well as great value for money
  • Reasonably light weight, particularly on the top of the foot which allows maximum breathability and moisture control
  • Medium cushioning underfoot provides just the right amount of comfort
  • Reinforced heel and toe for support and durability
  • Flat toe seams reduces bulk which can prevent blisters

We Don't Like

  • Nothing

Best Uses

  • Good all round outdoor sock and excellent for those wanting a supportive merino sock without the excessive heat

Wilderness Wear Multi Sport Sock Papaya colour

Wilderness Wear Merino Multi Sport Sock Black

Wilderness Wear Multi Sport Sock Charcoal colour. These will fit my size 15 feet comfortably

Wearing the Wilderness Wear Multi Sport Sock – front view. Note the additional padding at the toes. These socks are are ¼ length which is my personal preference

Wilderness Wear Multi Sport 4.0 Sock – side view, Charcoal colour

Wilderness Wear Merino Multi Sport Sock – close up of the heel with extra padding where it’s needed

Wilderness Wear Merino Multi sport 4.0 Sock – rear view, Charcoal colour

Buy One

You can purchase the Wilderness Wear Merino Multi Sport 4.0 Sock from Wilderness Wear

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AUD $35.00 RRP

Other Versions

  • Wilderness Wear produces a wide range of socks and garments for hiking and other outdoor activities. The range contains a sock to suit everyone


This review was done with product purchased from Wilderness Wear

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