• Weight 174 grams
  • Dimensions 21cm x 27cm
  • Colours Grey or Blue
  • Cost $59.95

Scrubba Air Sleeve for Tablets or Laptops


Rating: 9 / 10
Value for Money 2.2 / 2.5
Durability 2.3 / 2.5
Versatility 2.2 / 2.5
Weight 2.3 / 2.5

Scrubba Air Sleeve for Tablets or Laptops Review

For years I’ve resisted using any form or inflatable pillow when overnight hiking preferring to use my clothing bag instead. Partially this is because I’m trying to travel as light as I can but also because I’ve just never been a fan of air pillows.

What changed my mind on this was as a blogger on my longer hikes I carry a fair amount of technology with me so that I can record and release podcasts as I go and update my social media regularly. While many in my situation make do with a phone my large hands, and less than perfect eyesight make this a struggle and if I’m honest I just like having the extra screen size when writing longer posts so using an iPad Mini is my preference.

The best way to describe this product is as an inflatable computer/tablet case that has an auto inflating valve that either provides additional padding for your technology, additional comfort under your head at night, or both. The inside of the sleeve is plush lined so provides good protection even without any air. The zip on the Scrubba Table Sleeve is water resistant so in the event that water gets into your pack or you accidentally drop the whole unit into a puddle you can have confidence that what’s inside the sleeve will keep dry.

I started using the Scrubba Air Sleeve on my five week long Bibbulmun Track hike in mid 2018 and had only planned to use it for protecting my iPad Mini. While my gear set up ensures that the inside of my pack stays dry I wanted to minimise any chance that my tech would get wet on this 36 day trip where I ended up only having eight days without rain. In reality I found that I did end up using this as an inflatable pillow and quickly learnt to appreciate it.

The valve system on this sleeve is auto inflating but I would usually add a bit extra air to ensure that my wafer thin tablet was amply protected when stuffed into the pack during the daytime. At night when I used it for a pillow I usually added a bit more air just for extra comfort. Scrubba recommends removing the device when you do this but I just left my iPad in there weren’t any issues or discomfort by doing so.

Scrubba make four larger versions of this sleeve so if you are travelling with a larger laptop or tablet there will be a size to fit all but the largest of laptops which you are unlikely to be carrying on the trail.

At the time this review was last updated (3 December 2023) Scrubba had a sale on at $20.98. At this price it’s great value and is down the bottom end of the pricing as far as dedicated camping pillows go.

I wont carry the Scrubba Air Sleeve on every overnight trip but rather save it for those longer adventures when my iPad Mini comes with me. When it does I will certainly take advantage of the extra comfort and dual functionality and use the pillow function.

We like

  • Good range of sizes
  • Water resistant zip that provides extra protection
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and splashproof 300 denier TPU coated exterior fabric
  • Plush elastic inner lining to cushion the valuable technology
  • Duel function pillow and technology protector

We don't like

  • I would have said the price but given the current sale price the Air Sleeve is now reasonably priced

Best Uses

Particularly useful for those carrying technology on the trail particularly if you want a duel purpose pillow

Buy One

You can purchase the Scrubba Air Sleeve for Tablets or Laptops from Scrubba

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Normal price $59.95 often on special at a much cheaper price

Other Versions

Scrubba also produce four larger versions of the air sleeve to suit bigger laptops and tablets:

  • 24cm x 32cm
  • 26.5cm x 34cm
  • 27.5cm x 36cm
  • 29cm x 40cm

Scrubba Air Sleeve

Scrubba Air Sleeve with my iPad Mini

Scrubba Air Sleeve Inflation valve

Scrubba Air Sleeve Zip close up


This review was done with product supplied by Scrubba

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