• Pages 344
  • Language English
  • Author Derek Hansen
  • Second Edition Published 2017
  • Book Dimensions 203mm x 254mm x 18mm
  • Weight 685grams
  • Cost $28.31

The Ultimate Hang : Hammock Camping Illustrated Book Review


The Ultimate Hang : Hammock Camping Illustrated Book Review

While this is the second edition of the Ultimate Hang Book by Derek Hansen it’s worth noting that the difference between the first and second edition is massive. I own a copy of both the first and second editions and in all honesty they are really two different books. The first edition is more of an overview book while this second edition is best considered as the ultimate authority on the subject of hammock camping. If you can think of a question you may have on hammock camping, then this book will have the answer.

This book has well thought out sections starting with the basics and then progressing on to more advanced practice. While some of the information provided seems to be self explanatory it goes into the finer points of setting up your hammock that at first glance aren’t obvious but can greatly improve your sleep. As an example, there is a lovely two page spread on Hammock Rigging that has easy to understand diagrams and text that talks about the basic options which just makes so much sense. It even contains information on how to make your own gear if you are that way inclined.

This book contains a large number of easy to understand drawings which supports the easy to understand text. One of skills we need to develop in any form of camping is campsite choice and that includes identifying unsafe trees. In hammock camping, choosing safe and sound trees becomes all the more critical and this is just one of the many topics discussed so you can identify the threes which are unsafe (in a generic sense).

For me the only real negative is the sheer size of this book and if you are considering hammock camping you could potentially be put off by how much there is to know. Once you get over that you can start with the basics and then add to your knowledge as time, and knowledge and enthusiasm levels grow. The price of this book varies and at the time of this review it sold for around AUD $28.31 RRP although if you pay attention you can find it at a cheaper price. While that may seem on the expensive side for an outdoor book, once you’ve made your purchase there is no need to buy any other book as all the information you are ever going to need is contained within these pages.

If hammock camping is something you have been considering and you want to know more before you make the leap and start purchasing gear, then this is the book for you. It will guide you in both gear selection and practice of hammock camping better than any other resource around.

Chapter Headings

  • Endorsements
  • Achnowlwdgements
  • Introduction to the Second Addition
  • Introduction to Hammock Camping
    • The Basic Set Up
    • Advanced Hammock Camping
    • Anchor Points and Suspension Lines
    • Staying Dry
    • Staying Warm
    • Staying Bug Fee
    • Making your Own Hammock Gear
  • Appendix

We Like

  • Want to know something/anything about hammock camping? Then this is the book for you

We Don't Like

  • The sheer size of this book could potentially put people off by making it seem ‘all too hard’. Read the essentials first and leave the rest for later

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AUD $28.31 RRP prices vary with different suppliers so check the options first

The Ultimate Hang Book

Edition 2 versus Edition 1. The first edition is still a great option as its a simple and non-threatening read but it is very difficult to find

Example of simple and easy to understand diagrams. This diagram doesn’t show how to rig a hammock (that comes later) but rather the basic options

Another example of simple and easy to understand diagrams

Tables and text from the Ultimate Hang that show what to look for based on your height


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