• Serving Size Meals for two people
  • Cost $24.99

Top 5 Outdoor Gourmet Company Freeze Dried Meals

Top 5

Over the past few years we have been working our way through the freeze dried food offerings on the Australian market having found that no one had done a comprehensive review (at least that I could find) that was available in one location.

The Outdoor Gourmet Company is one of the main brands of freeze-dried hiker meals sold in Australia and as the name suggest they represent the gourmet version in the field. In fact out of the range of 8 currently available  I would happily eat all of them. Having said that I certainly have my preferences that given a choice, I will always go for.

Now I know that meal choices are a very personal thing and everyone has different tastes so I need to place a caveat on my choices by saying that I love spicy food. For me a good curry is one that makes my head sweat so it’s unsurprising that these appear in my choices. OK so given that caveat here are my ‘top 5’ Freeze Dried Meals from Outdoor Gourmet.

1. Outdoor Gourmet Beef Bourguignon

This one surprised me and is a firm favourite which I wasn’t expecting.

Score 8.8/10

For the full review go to this link

2. Outdoor Gourmet Thai Green Chicken Curry

I’m a curry lover and this one is for those who love spice

Score 8.7/10

For the full review go to this link

3. Outdoor Gourmet Coq au Vin 

Another great chicken option

Score 8.7/10

For the full review go to this link

4. Outdoor Gourmet Tandoori Chicken

Another spicy chicken meal

Score 8.6/10

For the full review go to this link

5. Vegan Dahl

One for the vegans

Score 8.4/10

For the full review go to this link

Last updated

22 June 2024

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