• Weight (including pack) 105 grams
  • Capacity 500 ml
  • Dimensions W65 mm x H235 mm
  • Cost $34.99

Trangia Fuel Bottle 0.5 Litre

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Rating: 8.4 / 10
Value for Money 2.2 / 2.5
Weight 2.2 / 2.5
Ease of Use 2.3 / 2.5
Versaility 1.7 / 2.5

Trangia Fuel Bottle 0.5 Litre Review

This liquid fuel storage bottle from Trangia is one of the products at first glance that seem unnecessary. I mean why not just use a small plastic container or the original container that the fuel came in? Here’s why.

Up until 2016 my cooking requirements out on the trail were solely undertaken with my Trangia Mini stove and as a result I needed to carry liquid fuel with me. I’m sure that I’m not alone here but on one occasion I was using the bottle that my methylated spirits came in. When putting the fuel away I failed to tighten the lid properly which resulted in it leaking into my pack.  One thing to know here is that when methylated spirits comes in contact with plastics that aren’t designed to carry fuel, it will often result in them melting.

Thankfully I was only carrying enough fuel for my trip and realised the problem reasonably quickly but still ended up with a hole in my pack and damage to a number of smaller pieces of plastic equipment. I was also lucky that I make a fuel allowance for those ‘just in case’ circumstances so I didn’t run out of fuel. The other potential issue with using wide mouthed containers is that its easy to tip too much fuel into the burner unit or to spill it out on the ground which I have done before.

So this is why the dedicated Trangia fuel bottle is more than handy.

The container itself is designed to store liquid fuel and its so robust you won’t accidentally crush or squeeze it and end up with liquid fuel in your pack. The fuel spout is designed to add small controlled amounts of fuel into your burner so the chance of spillage is far less than a wider mouthed container. In addition the nozzle, which is of high quality, locks closed when not in use so again reduces the possibility of spillages within your pack.

For my fuel needs (40 ml per day) the bottle size at 500 ml will carry enough fuel for around 12 days which means I will run out of food before I run out of fuel. The bottle, which is relatively small, is also built with a relatively narrow profile and comfortably fits in one of the external pack pockets, or if you prefer inside your pack.

My only real negative with this bottle is that it is a single purpose, fuel storage whereas many other pieces of hiking equipment can often be ‘multi-purposed’; picky I know.

While it’s not very often I use my Trangia Mini these days, when I do this purpose built fuel bottle will always come with me.

We Like

  • Compact and relatively lightweight
  • Robust and durable
  • Lockable pouring spout that provides excellent control of the fuel

We Don't Like

  • I’m being picky here but this is a liquid fuel bottle and that’s really all you can use it for

Best Uses

A must have item for liquid fuel users

Buy One

You can purchase the Trangia 0.5 Litre Fuel Bottle from Snowys or from Wild Earth

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AUD $34.99 RRP

Other versions

There is also a 1 litre version available which is suitable for larger groups

Trangia Fuel Bottle 0.5 Litre

Close up of the fuel valve. The red knob on the top is the locking mechanism and is very easy to use; all you need to do is twist

This video shows how to use a Trangia stove but also shows the fuel bottle in use (at time index 1:55)


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