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Hema K’gari (Fraser Island) Map


Hema K'gari (Fraser Island) Map Review

Recently we did the K’gari Great Walk (formerly known as Fraser Island) and as a person obsessed with knowing all the detail about the trail that we are going to walk, I struggled to find what I was after. So after checking in at the Kingfisher Resort we headed for the the local shop ostensively to buy snacks and ended up spotting the Hema K’gari (Fraser Island) Map and decided that it was worth the purchase price of just under AUD $15.00 RRP.

For us carrying paper maps on-trail tends to be really rare preferring to use electronic versions where possible but if they aren’t available or if we are being creative with what we are doing, this is where the paper versions come into play. This version from Hema can be purchased online prior to travelling and would be helpful in the planning process but it can also be purchased on the Island which is what we did.

There is a lot of information included with this map aimed at a wide range of users including 4WD enthusiasts as well as hikers. In our case, we were very focused on the lower-mid section of the Island for the K’gari Great Walk. The scale was good enough to enable is to work out where we were travelling for the day, for us to get a sense of where everything was, and also to appreciate the altitude changes.

While you don’t need to carry a map to do this trail, by the end of this walk we were glad we had made the purchase. Not only did it help to clarify the one and only area of confusion about direction, it also helped us identify the elevation changes on-trail which was something we hadn’t even thought about prior to the trip.

We Like

  • A great visual resource that earns its place on the K’gari Great Walk even if you only visit once

We Don't Like

  • Unless you spend a lot of time on K’gari, this is likely to be a one-trip use but having said that for under AUD $15 its worth the investment

Best Uses

  • Not essential but we carried this map on the K’gari Great Walk and found it useful, providing peace of mind from time to time

Buy One

You can purchase the Hema K’gari (Fraser Island) Map from Snowys

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AUD $14.99 RRP

Hema K’gari (Fraser Island) Map as purchased

Hema Kgari Map general Island information


Main map showing K’gari in relation to the mainland

Main map showing topographic close-up


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21 May 2024

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