• Weight (including bottle) 73 Grams
  • Tablets in bottle Approximately 90
  • Cost/use 17 cents
  • Cost $17.00

Lush Toothy Tabs

Dental care


Rating: 10 / 10
Value for Money 2.5 / 2.5
Ease of Use 2.5 / 2.5
Taste 2.5 / 2.5
weight 2.5 / 2.5

Lush Toothy Tabs Review

I have been searching for an alternate option for toothpaste to take on hiking trips for a while when I came across Toothy Tabs from Lush Cosmetics. I personally dislike toothpaste and have always have seen it as a necessary evil. While small travel sized toothpaste tubes are readily available I just wanted another option. I had looked at tooth powder, also available from Lush, but liked the idea of the Toothy Tabs purely from a convenience factor.

These tablets take a bit of getting used to but both Gill and I found that after a week of using them getting the right action was second nature. Essentially you pop one of these 0.6gram tablets into your mouth, chew for a few seconds, then brush as normal. They do foam up like toothpaste but nowhere near as much which for me is a plus. The flavours are variable as outlined below and seem to be very personal so everyone is going to have a different opinion on these.

One of the benefits for hikers is the minimal weight of these tablets with full bottle weighing in at 73 grams but this includes approximately 90 tablets (45  days worth). If you are just going for 5 days trip then the 10 tablets will only weight in at 6 grams so you can’t really get much better weight savings than this.

These tablets don’t contain fluoride which may be a consideration for you in deciding whether these are for you or not.

Judging by the differences in the reviews this is going to one of this products that is going to be divisive and you are either going to like them or hate them. From my perspective this is a product that I always use while out bush but I definitely have my favourites. There are four different ‘flavours’ of Toothy Tabs and here’s how we found them.


He said: The taste of this offering was reasonably neutral and I found this to be quite good overall but the the major drawback here is that ‘Boom’ contains charcoal and as result is dark grey in colour. Works well out in the bush as it doesn’t lean those white ‘spit marks’ everywhere but if you are spitting out into a white porcelain sink you get black everywhere which required quite a bit of cleaning. Out in the bush you would need to rinse to get rid of the colouring or use risk some very strange looks form passers by.

She said:  This one was quite OK. I imagine the charcoal is good for bad breath but the black in your mouth is a bit disconcerting. You do need to rinse your mouth with this one and I wonder how convenient that might be if you’re in a hurry.


He said: A clear winner for me. This spearmint based toothy tab is very close to toothpaste but without the strong toothpaste taste that I dislike so much. For me this is my pick of the batch.

She said: Yes this one is good. The soapy taste is not so prominent and you don’t have the challenges of a black charcoal mouth despite it still being on the dark side.


He said: An almost ‘candy taste’ without being overly sweet. While this wouldn’t be my first choice I’d be happy to use it.

She said:


He said: A slight citrusy sweetness without being sugary. You’ll never confuse this with toothpaste which is a bonus from my perspective.

She said: A great hit of freshness that will wake you up in the morning.

We Like

  • Lightish in weight at 73 grams for the whole little plastic tub including around 90 tablets. If you take what you need you can reduce this weight much further and you’d be hard pressed to find a lighter option
  • It’s not tube toothpaste which I consider to be a necessary evil

We Don't Like

  • Some of the flavours are just weird
  • The colouring of ‘Boom’ and white porcelain is not a good mix. You do need to rinse out with Boom more thoroughly than the others. having said that its a great option for when you are out bush

Best Uses

  • Great for those wanting to minimise weight on the trail and for those that dislike toothpaste

Buy One

You can purchase Lush Toothy Tabs from Lush online or in store

Please note we have no affiliations associated with this product. I just like it and want to spread the word.


AUD $17.00 RRP

Lush Toothy Tabs as purchased


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