• Weight (Blue) size G 109 grams / pair
  • Cost $69.99

Superfeet Premium Insoles

Footwear Accessory


Rating: 9 / 10
Value for Money   1.5 / 2
Durability 1.5 / 2
Comfort   2.0 / 2
Weight   2.0 / 2
Support 2.0 / 2

Superfeet Premium Insole Review

My hiking shoes and boots are on the larger size (size 15 US). What this means is that I have a very limited range of hiking footwear available to choose from to achieve not just that ‘perfect fit’ but also a level of comfort. This is where the Superfeet insoles come in. With the exception of my high-end Scarpa boots, or my zero drop shoes I will consider using the Superfeet insoles .

These premium insoles are replacements to the factory fitted insoles provided by the manufacturers which in many cases are almost non existent and often don’t last for very long. These insoles help to provide a cushioned although firm platform that supplements shoes cushioning. I have used lightweight hiking boots in the past and while solid, had no cushioning at all and the Superfeet provided just the right amount to minimise the jarring that can occur when carrying a heavy pack on hard surfaces. By looking after your feet, the rest of your body benefits after a long days hiking.

The insoles themselves are ‘solid’ rather than gel based types. I find that some models and brands benefit from having Superfeet inserts finding that they don’t provide enough cushioning, have collapsed long before that and so I start to get hot spots and with that, potentially blisters.

Buying replacement insoles for specific brands of shoes is not usual practice and unless you want to place a special order is not something that you can do very easily. The Superfeet insoles however are widely available world wide; at least in most western countries so it is possible to maintain the same fit and comfort wherever you go in an easily locatable insole

Every so often I try other brands and have tried a number of well known ‘gel’ insoles from chemist stores; Never again. While other brands are cheaper they don’t last very long and I usually find that the fabric covering starts to delaminate, which creates hotspots. Apart from being uncomfortable this can also contribute to blister formation.

The main negative for the Superfeet insoles is the cost and for me, a size ‘G’ (I think that’s code for giant) the cost, is around AUD $70 RRP. I have to factor in this additional cost when I buy new shoes. I am currently getting ready for a long distance thru hike (1000km+) and have just bought two pairs of my favoured shoe (with great difficulty as they are being replaced with a new model) as well as three new pairs of Superfeet inserts. While this does bump up the shoe price I value the increased comfort over the initial price bump. The value for money and it’s definitely there and I’m willing to pay the financial price rather than the comfort and injury price.

Superfeet come in a large range and even though you can select the hiking activity to reduce the choice there are still many options identified. I have used four of the options, Superfeet: Green, Orange, Carbon, and Blue, and each one has its own features.

The Green appears to be the most common choice for most hikers (from what I’ve seen on the trail) and provides good all-round support. The Orange is almost the same but provides an additional layer of cushioning on the front of the foot – something that is needed on the really rocky trails such as the Australian Larapinta Trail. The Carbons are relatively thin and provides a cradle for your foot rather than a cushioning effect which works well in some shoes where you don’t want that extra bulk. After trying many insoles within the range I eventually settled on the Blue Superfeet.

This version provides less arch support than others within. the range but suits my arch really well. If using them I swap out the insoles every 350km and find that this distance will provide good comfort and support on my hikes.The combination of shoe and insert creates only one of two shoes that will keep me comfortable on long multi day hikes with a full pack.

So if you are struggling to find a comfortable hiking shoes then I recommend the Superfeet insoles. While they may not work for everyone, if you have feet issues when you hike, try these out and you may be surprised the difference to your comfort level they make.

We Like

  • Wide range of sizes and styles means that just about any foot can be fitted
  • Creates a comfortable stride over long distances meaning that your feet can cope better with heavy loads and can keep on going, and going…. more hiking! Often thicker than factory insoles which means in larger volume shoes that may be too big you get a better fit thereby giving a bigger range of shoe choice
  • Seriously well constructed so that the top fabric layer doesn’t bunch up like cheaper insoles that can cause ‘hot spots’ in your shoes. More comfortable hiking for longer periods


  • Superfeet won’t fix all your feet/gait issues and for those with mechanical problems already using orthopedics your best bet is still with a podiatrist who will recommend suitable options

We Don't Like

  • The cost, they’re not cheap and particularly in the larger sizes are up around the $60 mark. Having said that they are great value for money and well worth it.

Best Uses

All types of hiking particularly good for long distance

Buy One

You can purchase Superfeet Premium Insoles online from Wildfire Sports

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Other Versions

Men’s, women’s and children’s with a wide range made for different types of activities


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