• Garment Weight 453 grams (size 36 x 32L)
  • Sizes 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40
  • Leg Length 30, 32, 34
  • Colours Khaki, Breen, Carbon, Black
  • Cost $124.50

Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants



Rating:                 8.9 / 10

Value for Money    2.2 / 2.5

Comfort                2.4 / 2.5

Weight                  2.3 / 2.5

Durability              2.0 / 2.5

Kuhl Radikl Men's Pants Review

Recently I decided to try out some new options for long pants and as there are so many choices on the market these days, this took me a while to narrow down my options. So after much research I purchased two pairs of Kuhl Pants. The first pair I chose to review from this purchase was the Kuhl Renegade Stealth Men’s Pants – the reason for this choice was the fact they were close in features to my existing hiking pants. So after giving that model a good work out it was time try out the Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants and I was glad I left them to last and here’s why….

Let’s start with the naming of this garment ‘Kuhl Radikl’ – this name just screams skater boy or surfer; maybe that’s just me showing my age! If you don’t give these pants more than a passing look you would be forgiven for thinking they are not anything special.

Size wise these pants are a Klassik fit (again another unique term from Kuhl) and a trendy way of saying this model is ‘full’ in the seat and thigh area and has a slight taper through the lower leg. Kuhls’ product information promote the ‘sweat pants comfort’ and they’re not kidding. Without a doubt these pants are the most comfortable long pants I have worn hiking with the comfort coming mainly from the combination of two material types. The hard wearing main material forms the bulk of the pants contains no real stretch.  However, there are a number of panels located at the top back of the pants, the crotch area gusset, and down the side of each leg all made from a soft comfortable stretch material. In addition, this stretch material allows these pants to breathe and I found them reasonably cool even on days over 25° Celcius unlike other long pants which just make you suffer through the heat.

The stitching  and panel configuration on these pants is typical of other Kuhl pants – its well done, robust and the panel construction has been well thought through which contributes to the comfort of these pants.

While Kuhl in the USA has a huge range of colours and sizings, this range has been reduced to a more concise range for Australia. But colour choices such as Khaki, Breen, Carbon and Black will keep just about everyone happy. One big plus with these pants is the 34″ leg length option. If I was wearing these purely as street pants I would opt for the 34″ leg but from a hiking perspective I don’t mind a slightly shorter length. The longer option would be ideal for those who are over the 185cm in height – I know cit an be a struggle for taller folk get a good leg length.

The other little feature I like on this pants is an old fashioned feature – a double fly closure system with an internal button closure as well as the press stud at the waist. This double closure reduces the strain of the press stud which can be an issue when the pants are at the ‘maximum stretch’ of a particular size.

The reason I left testing the Radikl until after the Kuhl Renegade Stealth was purely for the pockets on the Renegade. For the past year I have been relying on pant pockets to make up for the lack of hip belt pockets on my pack. The Renegade has two leg pockets. I was pleasantly surprised with the Radikl as the low angle openings on the waist pockets are deep and very usable. I really like with the internal pocket constructed of the stretch knit material. I can fit in my compact camera and a batch of snacks. There is also a little pocket in one of the waist pockets that is deepish so money isn’t likely to fall out.

There are two pockets on the rear of the pants which I just find useless but in fairness to Kuhl this is an issue in any pair of long pants. The only thing I ever use these pockets for is protein bar wrappers. There are two narrow pockets, one on each leg, that both fit my longish cellphone, one on each leg – one with a top closure and one without.

Now for the negatives. What makes these pants so good is also a potential weak area. The soft stretch material would potentially be prone to damage if you are bush bashing. In extremely cold conditions you could possibly find them on the cool side; this may not be an issue if you don’t feel the cold. From my perspective as rough as I am on gear, I can see these pants lasting for a number of years. Price wise these pants aren’t cheap if you pay full price – at just on $140 but you can source them cheaper. At the time of my purchase and then at the time of this review, they were just that. I see price and value as related things and the features on these pants definitely provide value for money.

I love these pants and will definitely be buying a couple of extra pairs for both casual and hiking use.

Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants

Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants side view

Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants rear pockets and stretch panel

Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants inside leg view showing the stretch gusset and the fine detail on the leg stitching. Its the little things that make a difference

Kuhl Radikl pants showing waist pockets. These comfortably fit a compact camera, phone or snacks depending on your needs

Soft stretch material inside the waist pockets

Open phone pocket on the right leg. At no stage did I ever feel like I was going to lose the phone when in this pocket

Alternate phone pocket on the left leg with a top closure for security and protection. This could also be a small snack pocket

Excellent double closure system adds to the comfort on these pants

Size 32″ leg length. I don’t mind slightly shorter pant legs when hiking. There is also a size 34″ leg length available

We Like

  • Hard wearing main construction material
  • Extremely comfortable fit due to the stretch panels
  • Stretch panels allow good air movement so will make for excellent summer pants
  • Articulated knee joint for additional comfort
  • Good strong stitching and panel construction
  • Excellent waist pockets and side phone/snack pockets
  • Good range of colours
  • Comes in different leg lengths which solves an issue for you taller folk

We Don't Like

  • The stretch material makes these pants so comfortable but its potentially a weak point if you are bush bashing
  • Not my first choice for freezing conditions

Best Uses

Hikers who like long pants who are used to hotter as well as cooler weather and hikers who like their comfort. This really are comfortable

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$124.50 AUD

Other Versions

Kuhl also make a range of different pants including the Renegade, Contra and the Revolvr. These pants are available in a  female version. There’s a model and style to suit just about everyone.


This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by Australian Hiker