• Weight 60 grams
  • Length 101.6cm
  • Cost $54.95

MSR Dromedary Hydration Kit



Rating: 8.1 / 10
Weight 1.7 / 2
Durability 1.5 / 2
Value for money 1.6 / 2
Usability 1.7 / 2
Versatility 1.6 / 2

MSR Dromedary Hydration Kit Review

This hydration attachment is a very specific product meant to be used with MSR Hydration bladders  and isn’t really interchangeable with other bladder options and while that limits it use it does serve its purpose. The MSR bladders range in size from 2-10 litres so this this system will suit the standard hiker all the way through to the hardened adventurers and if you look at this as part of a larger system they are great value.

This hydration kit comes with a screw on cap system that replaces the standard cap on an MSR bladder. This is both a plus and a minus as it would be good if this integrated into the existing cap ststem. Having said that it does make for easy integration requiring just a few turns to detach the original cap and replace it with the new one. Speaking of the cap system I see this as a potential ‘weak spot as the angle out of the bladder while not quite 45 degrees does stick out rather than being like most dedicated bladders that build the bladder exit point on a flush angle that is flat with the bladder itself. What this means in practice is that you need to take a bit more care if you are using this system inside a backpack. if you are using it as a base camp water storage it wot be an issue.

Hoses on water bladders usually are a big talking point but in this case MSR make a feature of it. The hose length is just on 102cm long so it means that most hikers will get an optimum angle that suits their needs. The other feature with this hose system is that the tubing is polyethylene-lined which removes the plastic taste that many hoses have. It also provides a tube that will minimise the chance of freezing in extremely cold weather. The drinking end has a wide comfortable bite valve with a small tap that is designed to let the water flow at a good rate when required but to keep it closed until needed and prevent any leaks.

Price wise this sent the cheapest bladder system on the market when using the smaller bladders but the cost effetivness increases when the hydration kit is paired with the large capacity bladders. usually this kit retails for just under AUD$55 RRP but you will usually find it at a lower price so keep an eye out if you are in the market for one.

This hydration kit joined in with an MSR bladder isn’t going to suit everyones needs but in my case I have some long distance adventures planned in the future that will require big water carrying capacity so the ability to turn my MSR bladders into hydration bladders will be a handy option.

MSR Dromedary Hydration Kit

MSR Dromedary Hydration Kit attached to the MSR Dromedary 10L Water Storage bladder

MSR Hydration Kit close showing bite valve, on-off valve, and cap connected to an MSR bladder

We Like

  • Attaches quickly and easily to MSR bladders
  • 101.6cm long so suits most bladders users preferred hose angle
  • Insulated (polyethylene-lined)drinking tube to prevent freezing and eliminates plastic taste when drinking
  • High flow drip free bite valve for fast hydration
  • Shutoff valve prevents leaks
  • Compatible with MSR Dromedary and DromLite bags that can be quickly swapped out as needed

We Don't Like

  • Only compatible with MSR hydration bladders
  • The hose angle from the bladder provides a potential weak spot
  • Not the cheapest option when paid with a small bladder

Buy One

You can purchase the MSR Dromedary Hydration Kit from Snowys or from Wild Earth

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AUD $54.95 RRP but can often be found at a cheaper price

Best uses

  • For when you need to carry large amounts of water either for hiking or camping


This review was done with product purchased from a retailer by Australian Hiker

Last updated

18 February 2024

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