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We’re big fans of all types of movies and being into outdoor activities, in particular hiking, we try to watch any movie that is even remotely related to the topic. Some of these movies are well known while others you may never have heard of and may be considered to be so niche they were released straight to DVD. With the huge upswing in streaming over the past couple of years you may also struggle to find some of these movies in stores but sometimes thats your only option if you want to watch them.

In the following article we bring together all the movies we have reviewed over the past four years and hopefully there will something that piques your interest whether it be on disc or vis streaming.

A Walk in the Woods

This is the movie version of the book by quirky American author Bill Bryson which was released in 2015 by Director Ken Kwapis (of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and He’s Just Not That into You fame).  This story recounts Bill’s attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail widely known as the world’s longest footpath (2,190 miles or 3,524 km). It can best be considered as an adventure driven by a mid life crisis although the actors are, in realy life, well past mid life!

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Captain Fantastic

This is another great ‘outdoorsy’ movie released in recent years and supported by a fantastic young cast. It is the story of Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) and his six children living off the grid in the forests of America’s Pacific Northwest. This is a very quirky, endearing, entertaining and funny film, without being hiking based  that you will want to see several times.

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Edie is a story about the expectations of ageing set against hiking in Scotland. I didn’t have high expectations of this film but came out loving it. This film follows the style of quirky UK films – it is funny, sad, entertaining, uplifting and packed with social statements. This one is definitely worth the popcorn!

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Into the Wild

I watched Into the Wild with little background as to what it was about. I was expecting a life changing adventure but perhaps not of the kind I found. Into the Wild is badged as the Inspired true story of a young man seeking a life of freedom on the road that leads to the ultimate challenge of his life. I realise now having watched the movie that this statement gives so much of the story away. This is a must-see movie not just for the spectacular scenery, diverse characters and amazing cast and direction but also because it is the story of searching for life’s meaning. But sometimes it may be closer than you think!

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Leave No Trace

The name of this movie suggested to me that it would be about experiencing the natural environment without leaving an impact – that is, leaving no trace you were there. In fact, Leave No Trace is really about hiding from the stresses of the world. That’s kinda the same and kinda different. This film is without a doubt in the drama genre so make sure you’re in the mood for something deep and meaningful before you click play.

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The Hunter

This 2011 movie wasn’t on our radar but we had it recommended to us by one of our followers and while it does involve hiking, it certainly can’t be classed as a hiking movie. The main reason I was keen to watch this movie was the backdrop of the Tasmanian Wilderness which really is a unique and spectacular place. This is certainly not one of those movies that is an obvious advert for the Tasmanian bush but all the same it manages to showcase Tassie, almost by accident that makes you feel connected. Given the cinematography you could be forgiven for thinking that it rarely rains in Tasmania.

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The Way

This movie is a personal redemption story similar to others such as Wild and Edie that have life changing impacts on the main characters. The backdrop is the 800 km Camino de Santiago (The Way of St James) from France through to Spain. This movie, along with the book A Million Steps, is responsible for putting the Camino on my list of to-do hikes.

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Tracks is the story of Robyn Davidson’s journey across the Australian desert from Alice Springs in central Australia to the western Australian coast, a distance of 2,700 km (1,700 miles). While this type of grand adventure is more common these days, a single female undertaking such a journey in the mid 1970’s was groundbreaking particularly given the societal expectations of the times. There is a lot in this movie but it does require some focus to find!

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This one needs no introduction – it has attained almost cult status. The debates about whether the book or the movie is best continue! Wild is the film adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s memoir and second book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail which was published in March 2012. The film version starting Reese Witherspoon was released in December 2014. Apart from the amazing scenery, this is a story of redemption and discovery.

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