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Far Out Guides, previously known as Guthook Guides, was started by a couple of thru-hikers who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (USA) together in 2010. Since then this app has grown to encompass a number of well known trails worldwide including a number of trails in Australia (see below) and they continue to add trails on a regular basis. As part of the rebranding to Far Out the three separate hiking, cycling and rafting apps have been combined into a single app making this an all purpose adventure app.

In 2018 I hiked the Bibbulmun Track and had a number of navigation options available to me including maps, GPS, as well as the Far Out Guide App. As it turned out I ended up using this app almost exclusively on my trip relegating my Garmin InReach Explorer+ to an emergency device and trip logging tool. While I carried the maps as a ‘just in case’ I only looked at them before the start of each section just to familiarise myself with what was to come.

I’m going to come out straight up and say that I loved this app. The Bibbulmun Track was very easy to follow so I used this app more to provide me with distances and as a planning mechanism rather than as a navigation tool. Of the two times that I went off track (due to me not paying attention) I only used the app once just to confirm my suspicions of what I had done rather than dragging my map out.

The app is free to download but to use the functionality you need to purchase trail apps. In doing the Bibbulmun Track I had the option of purchasing the standalone track data by itself but instead I purchased the Australian/New Zealand Bundle. For most of my five week trip my phone stayed in flight mode with the GPS off to conserve battery and would only turn on the GPS when I wanted the distances to show up on the map. The price on this product does change regularly but along with that they just keep on adding trails and at 25 November 2022 costs AUD $79.99 which now includes 17 trails. If you hiking regularly purchase the full pack.

Now like any product there are some minor glitches with this app. In walking through the town of Pemberton, heading north to head out of town, the app wanted me to be on the adjacent street but I persisted in following the trail markers. The other issue that I found was in Collie which is an off track town, the app stopped measuring distances at the turnoff point which was also an issue when I went off track accidentally. Over a trip that was just over 1000-km long these were pretty minor issues. Over my five week trip I came across a number of other hikers using this app who all sang its praises. One final negative on this or any other app is that it’s dependent on having a charged phone.  Hikers should be able to navigate by some other method just in case your phone does die.

I’m a big fan of this app, not just for on trail but also for planning hikes as well. As I update this review I am just about to head off on the Tasmanian South Coast Track and managed to time my walk well with this trail being a recent addition to this app. Even if you only ever use this app for back up at what amounts to a fairly cheap price its well worth it

We Like

  • This App takes all the hassles out of navigation
  • Very easy to use
  • Pay by the trail or get a deal in the bulk bundle with provide a discount over 60%

We Don't Like

  • Relies on a working phone. If the phone battery dies you loose the app
  • This app works really when on trail but doesn’t work as well when you go off trail. It will however show you where you are in relation to the trail which makes it easy to get back on track

Best Uses

While you should always know how to navigate in case of technology failure this app is well worthwhile if your chosen trail is available.  It just takes all the worry out of your time on the trail and it’s also a great planning app

Buy One

  • You can download the Far Out Guides app free of charge either through the Apple App Store or the Google Store
  • Once you have downloaded the app you can purchase the trail guides from Far Out

Disclosure:  We may earn a small commission, at no additional expense to you, if you click through and make a purchase. Please note that our affiliations do not influence, in any way, the independence of our reviews. If we don’t like a product, you’ll hear about it from us!

If you have used the Far Out Guides app or have questions, we’d like to hear from you. Post your comment or question below

Australian Hiking Trails

These Australian trails are currently available on Guthook Guides as at 6 January 2022 this bundle sells for USD $44.99 and includes the following trails:

  1. Australian Alps Walking Track
  2. Bibbulmun Track
  3. Cape to Cape Track
  4. George Bass Coast Trail
  5. Grampians Peak Trail
  6. Heysen Trail
  7. Larapinta Trail
  8. Overland Track
  9. Scenic Rim Trail
  10. South Coast and Port Davey Track
  11. Three Capes Track
  12. Walk the Yorke Track
  13. Wilsons Promontory Grand Circuit
  14. Routeburn Track (NZ)
  15. Greenstone and Caples Track (NZ)
  16. Kepler Track (NZ)
  17. Milford Track (NZ)

In addition there are a number of US, European and other high profile tracks available to download.

Guthook Guide app showing a section of trail overview. This image identifies key points on the trail

Map view showing change in altitude on the trail as well as the key features. This view will provide an indication of what to expect on the trail as far as elevation gain

App view with more in-depth information

Guthook App settings image. This image is from the Bibbulmun Track maps and provides a number of options including the ability to travel north or south

Australian Cycling Trail

There is also and Australian Cycling bundle as well at Australia All Rides Bundle USD $31.99 (at as 26 November 2023)


This review was done with an app and maps purchased by Australian Hiker.

Last updated

26 November 2023

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