• Weight 83 grams
  • Weight Limit 100grams to 50 kg
  • Units of measurement lb, kg, oz, g
  • Battery CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Cost $15.99

Digital Luggage Scale



Rating: 8.7 / 10
Ease of use 2.3 / 2.5
Durability 2.0 / 2.5
Versatility 2.0 / 2.5
Value for Money 2.4 / 2.5

Digital Luggage Scale Review

This is the second set of luggage scales I now own with my original set, which is now around nine years old, no longer on the market. On every trip that involves an overnight stay I weigh my pack for two reasons. First, if I’m doing interstate plane travel I need to be aware of my luggage weight to avoid going over my limit but it’s also so I’m aware of how much weight I’m carrying.

I see the value in becoming an ultralight hiker but its more about ‘considered thought’ in relation to each and very piece of gear I carry so I can reduce the impact on my body as I get older. Reducing pack weight is often about dropping grams here and there rather than dropping kilos and even these small drops all contribute to a weight reduction.

These scales are reasonably easy to use in that you simply turn them on, set your desired unit of measurement if you haven’t already do so, attach it to your pack/luggage and lift off the ground. This is probably the hardest part of using these scales if your pack weighs in at the heavier end of the scale (these scales will measure up to 50 kg). You may need to find a strong relative to do the weighing for you because your essentially holding your pack in your hands in what is essentially an unnatural position rather than bearing the weight on your shoulders and hips.

Battery wise these scale use a CR2032 coin cell battery which is probably the easiest battery to find in almost any store that sells batteries and will last for months if not years.

Price wise this unit was AUD$15.99 RRP at the time of testing which is a very reasonable price and one that most people won’t baulk at paying. While you may not be focused on becoming an ultralight hiker, by weighing your pack it does focus you on what you’re carrying. This essentially drives a change in mindset with you paying attention to your full load as well individual items and is probably the main reason for using these scales.

We Like

  • Lightweight at 83 grams (this unit will stay at home rather than coming on a hike)
  • Great price!
  • Easy to use

We Don't Like

  • Nothing

Would I Use this for hiking

Yes I do! I always weigh my loaded pack prior to the start of every overnight trip and often consider removing individual items if needed

Best Use

  • For those wanting to cut their pack weight. Your focus may not be to drop pack weight but weighing your loaded pack will make you think hard about what you’re carrying

Buy One

You can purchase the Digital Luggage Scale at Amazon Australia

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AUD $15.99 RRP

Digital Luggage Scale as sold

Digital Luggage Scale units of measurement and physical size of the scale

Close up of screen on the Digital Luggage Scale. The measurement will bounce around for a few seconds and then settle on a weight; in this case my pack and its contents weighed 11.04 kg

Using the Digital Luggage Scale to weigh a hiking pack. This is physically the hardest part of the process and will usually take you around 15-20 seconds

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