• Chair weight 657 grams
  • Maximum user weight 120kg
  • Construction materials DAC aluminium poles and nylon fabric
  • Cost $229.90

Helinox Chair Zero High Back



Rating: 7.9 / 10
Value for Money 2.1 / 2.5
Versatility 1.6 / 2.5
Durability 2.0 / 2.5
Comfort 2.2 / 2.5

Helinox Chair Zero High Back Review

Helinox continues to grow their range and with each chair they introduce it fills a specific niche within the market. Previously we tested out the Helinox Chair Zero and in this review we had the opportunity to out the newer Chair Zero High Back Chair prior to its release onto the market.

From a range perspective the Helinox Chair Zero is constructed using DAC (Brand) aluminium poles for the frame. DAC poles can be found in most of the world’s high end tents and trekking poles and while there are cheaper options available, by using DAC they have picked the best quality. The frame of this chair is in many respects similar to modern tent poles that contain shock cord. As the name describes this chair is a higher backed version of the standard Chair Zero which brings with it both some advantages and disadvantages.

While the Chair Zero is their lightest in the range (510 grams) beating out the Ground Chair the High Back Chair Zero as you would expect is heavier coming in at 657gram and while its not a huge weight impost it can all add up if you take the same view across your full range of gear. In addition this chair is a bit bulkier taking up more space in the pack.

As a lightweight chair goes you do need to be careful that you don’t flop down into the seat particularly if you are on the heavier end of the weight scale and in addition if you are using this chair on soft soil you will need to spend a few minutes getting it set in place so it stays straight. Even if you do have a firm surface to work with there is a bit of a ‘wobble’ – we both found this to be the case but this is less of an issue if your legs are out in front of you rather than sitting with your knees up. Once I settled in the slight movement it wasn’t an issue. If you are (very) broad across the backside you may be better off looking at the Chair One which is a bigger option having a few extra centimetres width.

One of the drawbacks with the standard Chair Zero is the lower backrest which its a way of reducing the weight and bulk and this is the biggest difference with this chair being a high backed version which provides an extra degree of support so if you are a taller hiker you will appreciate this. Comfort wise I found it to be quite good even after an extended period of sitting and reading with the additional high in the backrest just allows you to really relax and feel supported at the same time.

As a hiker who is trying to strip weight out of my pack the Helinox Chair Zero High Back I unlikely to every make it into my hiking kit however as someone who also goes car camping on a regular basis I find this lightweight chair to be both lighter in weight and bulk and much more comfortable than my heavier and bulkier ‘camp chairs’ and this its where I see this chair coming in handy.

We Like

  • Keeps you up off the ground away from the dirt, moisture and creepy crawlies
  • Provides a fair degree of comfort particularly when sitting for long periods
  • Reasonably well priced for a high quality product
  • The high back provides additional support over and above what the standard Chair Zero provides which taller hikers in particular will appreciate. For me its more comfortable than my heavier/bulkier camp chairs

We Don't Like

  • Feels a bit ‘unstable’ when you first sit but you get used to this quite quickly
  • For taller users or those with stiff knees it’s a bit harder to sit down
  • Not very versatile. It’s a chair and that’s it!
  • If you are on very sandy or soft ground the chair legs may sink into the ground so the add-on accessories are worth considering
  • For hikers its getting to the upper limit of what you would want to carry

Best Uses

  • As a compact and lightweight chair option for hikers  for shorter trips when weight isn’t as much of an issues or car campers who like their comfort in a small package

Chair Zero packed up

Chair Zero high Back set up front view

Chair Zero High Back vs Chair Zero. The high back version is essentially the same chair but with additional back support an extra comfort

Chair Zero High Back in use front angle

Chair Zero High Back in use rear view

Chair Zero High Back showing feet

Chair Zero High Back Showing close up of material

Connection point on the chair zero. This chair snaps together very much like many tents on the market

Buy One

You can purchase the Helinox Chair Zero Highback from Wildfire Sports

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AUD $229.90 AUD

Other Versions

Helinox produce a large range of chairs as well as other products but if you are looking for a hiking chair specifically for hiking the Chair Zero, the Chairs Zero High Back or the Ground Chair are going to be your best options


This review was done with product provided for test by the Australian supplier of Helinox

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