• Weight with pouch 83 grams
  • Weight without pouch 65 grams
  • Length open 18.5 cm
  • Cost $39.95

Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set



Rating: 8.5 / 10
Value for Money 1.7 / 2
Comfort 1.5 / 2
Weight 1.7 / 2
Durability 1.8 / 2
Versatility 1.8 / 2

Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set Review

I was interested to review this cutlery set from Baladeo, mainly because I tend to be a minimalist as far as my eating utensils go. If I’m going on a hike and will be eating a meal I will usually will get take just a long handled spoon. I do carry a knife but as far as food goes the only time that I use it is to cut my block of cheese which I will use for the first two days. As far as a fork or spork goes these implements have yet to make it into my pack.

Now having said all this I tend to be a rarity as most of the hikers I have come across on a hike will carry a knife, fork, and spoon of some type; I think that this is something that we are hard wired to do.

The Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set comes in a small neoprene pouch to keep everything in place and as these tools don’t fold down you do really need it to ensure that you don’t stab yourself with the fork or knife when reaching into your bag.

The set contains:

  • A serrated knife
  • A spoon
  • A fork
  • A small carabiner to keep everything together, and
  • A neoprene bag

The heads on each of these implements is polished stainless steel which I’m a big fan of as it makes it much easier to keep clean. something that requires a bit more work with the matt finish that often comes on titanium sets. I also prefer the feel of polished stainless in my mouth as opposed to a matt finish. The length of these pieces is on the shorter side which helps to minimise weight but as someone with a large set of hands I prefer something longer. The handles are also unpadded, and unpolished, again for weight reduction and while comfortable don’t have the softer feel that your home based implements will.

The spoon and fork contain a bottle/can opener on the end of the handle which is handy to have particularly if you are car camping and carrying cans and bottles but for me this is something that I am never likely to use.

If I am going to be carrying this style of eating implements then my personal preference will be the more compact and more comfortable to use Baladeo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery set. So why then would you buy these? What it comes down to is price. The Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set has a RRP of $39.95 while the flasher Ultimate version sits at just on $60. The Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set also has more versatility letting you choose which pieces to take and in all honesty the ability to share between a couple making it a bit more versatile.

This is a good value lightweight cutlery set that does the job well and has some good features and is well worth considering and part of your camp kitchen.

We Like

  • Well made eating utensils
  • Polished heads on each of the implements making it easier to clean
  • The knife has a serrated edge unlike many other options on the market so if you are a meat lover this is a good choice as its cuts well
  • Relatively lightweight at 83 grams including the carabiner and travel pouch
  • Great versatility, take the pieces you want, leave the rest at home. In addition to being a knife/fork/spoon set also contains a can opener, bottle opener on the fork and spoon

We Don't Like

  • These are compact relatively lightweight pieces of cutlery and well suited to those with small to average sized hands

Best Uses

  • A good general purpose set of cutlery for outdoor activities if you carry the full range of eating utensils

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You can purchase the Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set online from Wild Earth

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Other Versions

Baladeo produces other cutlery sets including the Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set

Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set which includes three multifunction pieces held together with a small carabineer

Cutlery pieces separated

Close up of knife in large male hand. The knife is serrated and will cut through steak quite well

Baladeo Basecamp Cutlery Set in pouch. The pouch comes in red or black


This review was done with product supplied by the Australian distributor of Baladeo Knives

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