• Sizes S, M, L, XL
  • Weight Crew 40 grams
  • Construction material 75% CoolMax, 22% Nylon, 3% Lycra
  • Colours Grey, Black, Flame
  • Cost $24.99

Injinji Coolmax Liner Crew Unisex Toesocks



Rating: 8.7 / 10
Value for Money 1.8 / 2
Comfort   1.8 / 2
Warmth 1.7 / 2
Durability 1.7 / 2
Breathability 1.7 / 2

Injinji Coolmax Liner Crew Unisex Toesocks

Fo me this sock was a second attempt at testing the thinner Injinji models to find something that may suit me. After trying out the Injinji Run Lightweight Mini Crew Unisex Toesock I came to this test with a preconception that they weren’t going to be for me but I was proved wrong.

Before I go into the specifics of this model, I’ll do a brief overview of Injinji toesocks in case you aren’t familiar with them. Essentially Injinji toesocks are gloves for your feet so each of your toes has its own individual covering. The biggest thing you notice with toesocks is that the individual toe compartments seperate the toes and prevent them from rubbing against each other. This has the benefit of reducing the possibility of blisters which are generated when your feet get moist and rub against your socks or shoes. The downside with this construction is that you need to spend a bit more time when putting them on; without fail I always end up getting two toes in one channel!

As mentioned I had preconceived notions about this sock given I’m not a fan of sock liners (I find the outer sock always tends to ‘eat’ the inner sock) so I was never going to use these socks for a liner. In comparing this sock to the thin running version, I had expected them to feel a bit but wow was I wrong. Even though a combination of Lycra, Coolmax and Nylon is used in the construction, the balance has shifted heavily towards the use of Coolmax and as best I can tell, this is what makes these socks a winner.

These socks are a lightweight sock but they have that extra degree of cushioning that feels like a merino sock and was at just the right level to keep me happy. I have tested this sock out over multiple days of 20+ km with a loaded pack and never felt like the level of cushioning was sub par; there was plenty of protection and I didn’t ‘feel’ the shoe.

While I have already indicated I am very happy with the cushioning on these socks, the other thing to mention about the sock weight is that these socks are warm. Again form my perspective these socks hit the mark really well. As a thinner sock I didn’t find these socks widened my toes so much that my feet didn’t feel uncomfortable which is something I’ve noticed with the thicker versions.

As a sock liner, the patterning on this sock is non existent coming in three distinct colours of a Grey (light grey), Black (dark grey) and Flame (orange). From personal experience most hikers seem to prefer grey and black options but I would have opted for Flame had it been available when I made my purchase. Speaking on purchasing these socks sell at AUD $24.99 RRP which is a very good price for a sock of this quality.

Length wise these socks are classed as a crew length but in reality they sit just slightly higher than the standard crew sock. Size wise these socks come in a small, medium, large and extra large sizing and I opted for the XL sizing which fit my large feet well.

This sock really surprised me. I really didn’t expect to like them as much as I did. In fact this sock came very, very close to being my sock of choice for hiking, it was that good. So if you’re looking at the Injinji socks as an option don’t dismiss this version just because its called a ‘liner’ as it may just meet all your needs.

We Like

  • Keep your toes seperate which minimises blister formation
  • A comfortable double cuff that holds the sock in place without restricting circulation
  • Mesh top that provides breathability

We Don't Like

  • I prefer a shorter length sock, but that’s just me
  • Takes extra time to put on your socks and to get your toes into their own dedicated space

Best Uses

  • Either as a sock liner for those who like a bit of extra warmth or as a standalone sock for those who like their socks on the thinner side

Injinji Coolmax Liner Crew Unisex Toesocks in Grey colour

Injinji Coolmax Liner Crew Unisex Toesocks – Black colour

Injinji Coolmax Liner Crew Unisex Toesocks – Flame colour

Buy One

You can purchase the Injinji Coolmax Liner Crew Unisex Toesocks from Wildfire Sports or from Wild Earth

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AUD $24.99 RRP

Other Versions

Injinji produces a wide range of socks for a variety of outdoor activities


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