• Garment Weight-size L 152 grams
  • Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Colours Black,Blue.Red Maple
  • Cost $95.00

Wilderness Wear Men’s COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee



Rating: 8.8 / 10
Durability 1.7 / 2
Versatility 1.7 / 2
Weight 1.8 / 2
Comfort 1.9 / 2
Value for Money 1.7 / 2

Wilderness Wear Men's COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee Review

Now I must admit upfront that me wearing a short sleeved top when hiking is a rarity. I have spent too much time working outdoors in Australia’s extreme UV and am too paranoid about ticks to ever use shirt sleeved tops on a regular basis. While that is not likely to change, since discovering the Men’s Wilderness Wear COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee I am now wearing short sleeved tops on a more regular basis than I ever thought possible.

First, lets get the technical stuff out of the way. COOL MERINO Tencel 155 achieves the best fibre blend by combining two natural fibres; 70% Merino wool and 30% sustainable Tencel®. Tencel® is made from eucalyptus wood that has high basic fibre humidity, great evaporative coolness and a flat fibre surface. These features combine to create a fibre that is cool on its own – without the need for any additional chemicals. Tencel® products are also long-lasting. Now, using fine merino wool means this garment is also easy to care for, super soft on the skin, odour neutralizing, and temperature and moisture regulating.

Wilderness Wear is an Australian company that has been producing technical outdoor clothing since 1989 at its base in Preston, Victoria. The team prides itself in its ‘exceptional and dynamic range of clothing, conceptualised and brought to reality for its wearers to make the most of being in the big, wonderful and sometimes challenging outdoors’.

I’ve always been a big fan of 100% merino fabric but since discovering Wilderness Wear I started to become a convert to their blended range of products. This tee shirt performs as advertised. It’s is very soft, fits really well and the tailoring is very flattering thanks to the body hugging panels. This is one of the most comfortable tops that I have ever worn.

I have now worn this top over a period of just on two months in a wide range of weather conditions from as low as 5° Celcius in southern Australia all the way up to 30º Celcius in high humidity in Queensland – I did have minimal sweating on my back that was more due to the backpack I was using rather than the top.

This tee is lightweight as you would expect (Size L is only 152 grams). The fit is ‘slim’ which is also enhanced by the double sewn flat seams. This tee feels great against your skin. And despite sweating heavily as I climb steep hills and mountains, this tee doesn’t get smelly – a great bonus also for your fellow hikers. If I am wearing short sleeved t-shirts I prefer them on the tight side so instead of my preferred XL size I wear in longer tops, I am wearing a size L. What this means is that the length is slightly on the shorter side than I would usually like but that’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. If you wear a size that isn’t as snug then the length will a better fit.

The Wilderness Wear COOL MERINO Short Sleeved Tee comes in two colours – Black and Blue and if I was being picky I would prefer a larger range of colours. As much as I love black in this case the blue colour is my favourite.

The Wilderness Wear COOL MERINO Short Sleeved Tee washes up very well. In my house garments need to survive the clothes drier and yes, I put this Tee in the drier (despite it being 70% wool and guidance that says don’t!) and it handled the experience very well! I probably won’t push my luck by repeating the ‘drier test’!

This top is priced at $99AUD which is comparable to similar merino hiking tee’s and is worth every cent; particularly when it supports Australian growers and manufacturers.

As mentioned on most days you will see me wearing my favoured long sleeve top, the Wilderness Wear Cumulo 150 Long Sleeved Top but this short sleeved hybrid merino top now forms part of my hiking kit.

Wilderness Wear Men’s COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee

Wilderness Wear Men’s COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee – side view

Wilderness Wear Men’s COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee – close up of body panels

Wilderness Wear Men’s COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee – rear view

We Like

  • 70% super fine merino and 30% sustainable Tencel
  • Double sewn flat seams prevent chaffing and keep this garment comfortable no matter how heavy the pack or how many layers you wear
  • Great range of sizes
  • Good length in both the body of the garment if you wear the correct sizing
  • Slim fit and tailored styling that will take you from the trail to socialising with friends
  • Great wicking properties and no body odour – your buddies will thank you!
  • Australian owned, Australian made

We Don't Like

  • A bigger range of colours would be good

Best Uses

As a standalone layer in warm to hot weather or as a base layer in your layering system

Buy One

You can purchase the Wilderness Wear Men’s COOL MERINO Short Sleeve Tee from Wilderness Wear

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AUD $95.00 RRP

Other Versions

Wilderness Wear also produces a large range of tops for women and men in both short and long sleeves, as well as thin to thick materials. Depending on your tolerance for cold and your layering system there is a garment to suit your needs


This review was done with product provided by Wilderness Wear

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