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iFungi AU – Mushroom ID App


iFungi AU - Mushroom ID App Review

I like hikes where you come across lots of different fungi. The colours, the texture and in some cases the overall cuteness of some our local fungi which are often so tiny you have to look closely to find them. I can spend hours in a relatively small area with a macro lens on my SLR happily snapping away. In most cases I don’t really care what I’m taking photos of but sometimes you get that extra special photo that really needs a name.

While I own a number of fungi identification books sometimes it’s just easier to use a phone app. The iFungi AU – Mushroom ID App, which is available for Apple and Android phones at a cost $4.99, is designed to give you an indicative identification of Australian Fungi. Now I say ‘indicative’ because these days, you hear so many stories, at least in my area, of people who misidentify when choosing something to eat with fatal results. In fact when you open this app there is a very obvious warning which clearly states you should only use this app as a guide and that responsibility remains with the user.

While I wouldn’t rely on it in making a decision on whether a fungi is edible or not, it is a great guide for identifying what you are taking photos of and I have made good use of it over the past 18 months. As such, I am happy to recommend it for those fungi enthusiast out there.

We Like

  • If you are into fungi then this app is a great in helping you to identify fungi
  • It’s relatively cheap
  • You can come at the identification of a fungi from a number of different ways, picture, common name, scientific name or anatomy

We Don't Like

  • Whether it’s this app, a book, or field guide, you should never rely on a single source when deciding to eat a particular fungi. Get it wrong and it can be fatal (the app does clearly state this when you open it)

Best Uses

If you love fungi and want to find out more about what you’re looking at when out and about, then this is a great app for you!

Buy One

At the time this review was published the iFungi AU – Mushroom ID App cost is $4.99AUD and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

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If there is any doubt, no matter how small then don’t eat a particular fungi as it can be fatal. This app clearly states this on opening

The main menu is easy to use and provides you with various options for identification. It also has a quiz option for those keen on trivia

Quiz question example

Scientific name option for those with knowledge of what they are looking at

Common name search option

Octopus Stinkhorn chosen from an image. This image also shows if the fungi is edible

Octopus Stinkhorn information


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