• Weight (regular) 410 grams
  • Packed Size 51 x 13 x 14 cm
  • R-Value 2.6
  • Cost $109.95

Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad

Sleeping mat


Rating:                            7.8  / 10

Value for Money                  1.9 / 2.5

Durability                            2.2 / 2.5

Comfort                              1.8 / 2.5

Weight                                1.9 / 2.5

Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol Review

I am a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to sleeping mats – it needs to be just right, not too hard and not too soft! I have tried almost every option available on the market …. almost! Being a side sleeper I found most to be too hard or too thin. But then when you get one with a bit of depth, for some bizarre reason I end up rolling off the mat.

I think must have sleep tested every Therm-a-rest sleeping mat option but had little success in finding one that was a good compromise. Lets face it – a hiking mat is never going to be as comfortable as your bed – so you need to work out what you’re compromises will be. Despite the Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol appearing a little basic and perhaps even a bit old fashioned, this sleeping mat is currently my preferred choice. There is nothing fancy about this sleeping mat – I am sure there are lots of techy specs and it definitely does not look fancy – but it does the job very well.

On hard ground it can be a bit uncomfortable however it is also super durable so I worry less about it getting wrecked. It is lightweight and folds neatly flat – what more do you want? Well it has great thermal qualities and the silver coloured surface reflects heat back to your body.

No inflation is needed – all you do is unfold and lay flat – then relax while you’re watching everyone else sort their sleeping system.

The Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol is a no nonsense, lightweight sleeping pad option for hikers wanting economy, durability and less weight.

We Like

  • Generously sized at 51 x 183 cm and 2 cm thick means I don’t ‘roll off’
  • Very easy to set up – unfold and lay flat – no puffing or blowing
  • Thermal reflective barrier sends heat back to your body which will keep you warm in all three-season conditions
  • Hard wearing – the manufacturer says it is ‘virtually indestructible’
  • Relatively cheap sleeping mat option
  • Can double a seat during the day

We Don't Like

  • It is a hard mat so can be a challenge for this side sleeper
  • Folds down neatly. It’s a bit bulky compared the the ultra lite Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xlite and I am still working out the best way to attach it to my Osprey Exos 58 Pack

Best Uses

  • No fuss hiking
  • Great for back sleepers
  • As a seat

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You can purchase the Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol online from Wild Earth or Wildfire Sports or Amazon

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$105 AUD

Other Versions

Therm-a-rest makes a large range of sleeping pads however the following are alternatives depending on your needs:

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Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xlite


This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by the reviewer

Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad showing reflective surface and the folding panels

Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad showing the coloured side

I’m still working out the best way to pack this mat