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  • Author Jono Lineen
  • First Published 2019
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Perfect Motion

Non-fiction Book

Perfect Motion - Book Review

Walking is something that just about all of us do. We are born and unless there is some underlying issue we progress through a series of physical and mental stages including learning how to walk; something that we usually continue to do until we die. After the loss of his younger brother, Jono Lineen experienced walking’s regenerative power firsthand. Grief-stricken and adrift, he set off on a 2700 kilometre solo trek across the Himalayas and by the end of the walk was stronger physically, psychologically and emotionally. In the book Perfect Motion – How walking makes us wiser, Lineen investigates why walking has made us more creative and helps us to learn.

This book really resonated with me. I have always been a keen walker, not just as a means to an end but something that I love doing. I’m an avid thu-hiker and am comfortable being alone for long periods. Exercise and walking have always been a creative activity for me and most of my ideas for articles and podcasts come when out on trail. In 2018 I spent five weeks hiking the Bibbulmun Track and in total only interacted with other people for a total of around eight hours during that time. I found myself having the luxury to really think and it wasn’t until reading this book and interviewing Jono for the Australian Hiker podcast (episode to be released on 2 September 2020) that I was able to put my thought processes into some sort of context.

This book takes you through the evolutionary process and the impact that the ability to walk upright had on the development of humans. The ability, even after a short timeframe to truly think in a creative manner and the impact that this can have. It’s not an accident that many returned solider programs are based around walking and the benefits that it provides.

While Perfect Motion discusses a lot of academic theory surrounding the impact that walking has on us, it does so in a manner that is simple and easy to to understand and doesn’t put people off. The combination of the academic and the personal is well balanced and enjoyable to read.

If you have ever wondered why you enjoy hiking so much then this is the book for you.

Chapter Headings

  • Introduction I walk, therefore I am
  1. Evolution: Walking and creativity
  2. Neuroscience: The neuroscience of creative movement
  3. Neuroscience: Map, compass, creativity
  4. Story: Life’s moving narrative
  5. Philosophy: The body and the world
  6. Time: Rhythm and steps
  7. Time: Walking the savannah
  8. Liminality: Pilgrimage into story
  9. Liminality: Elk Lake
  10. Perseverance: The long road
  11. Perseverance: Marathon mindesets
  12. Freedom Walking out of the revolution
  • Epilogue
  • Acknowledgement
  • Notes

We Like

  • Well written without being overly academic
  • As a keen hiker this book managed to explain the way I feel when walking which is something that I could never quite into words before now

We Don't Like

  • Nothing – it is a great and enlightening read

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Perfect Motion book by Jono Lineen


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