• Weight 90 grams
  • Dimensions as a pack 42 cm x 22 cm x 19 cm
  • Dimensions Stuffed 11 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm
  • Pack Size 18 Litres
  • Cost $39.95

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack


Rating:                8.6 / 10

Value for Money    2.0

Comfort                2.2

Weight                  2.5

Durability              1.9

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack Review

We recently walked the Overland Track and its common practice for a number of the side trails to drop your main pack and take the bare minimum. While I’m a trusting sole I always take my wallet and passport (if I have one) along with the essentials such as snacks, small water bottle, my podcasting recorder, phone, GPS, personal locator beacon and some essential gear to cater for adverse weather. This 18 litre pack is a good size and easily managed to take all of the above gear along with my wife’s raingear and lightweight puffy jacket as well.

As an ultra lightweight pack there is no waist strap and I found that I didn’t need it. The pack was comfortable to wear and easily moulded to my back. The shoulder straps are lightweight mesh and have an adjustment strap on them to allow you to adjust the pack to suit your frame.

The pack comes with its own stuff sack built into its construction and packs down to a very impressive 11 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm which disappears into your main pack. I purchased the orange pack more because it was the only colour carried by the store at that time although it comes in teal, lime and black versions as well. The price is reasonable at just under $40 AUD

I had not bothered with a ultra lightweight day pack in the past but for the sake of 90 grams I am sold and will now include this little pack on all my future trips.

We Like

  • A 90 gram daypack! Drop your main pack when you go off trail and take just the essentials to minimise the weight you carry and reduce the impact on your body
  • Water bottle carrier so you can take what you need rather than a large bladder. Less weight on you
  • One size fits all means that anyone in your family and group can carry this pack making it very versatile
  • No waist band required with such a light pack further reducing the weight you carry and minimising the impact on your body

We Don't Like

  • Being so lightweight can also be a negative as durability is going to be an issue if you are rough with your gear or go bush bashing

Best Uses

  • Instant daypack that weights almost nothing for when you don’t want to lug your full pack around

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You can purchase the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack online from Wild Earth or Wildfire Sports or Amazon

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$39.95 AUD

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Pack opened full of goodies

Pack folded up into its own stuff sack

Stuffed into into its own sack it never looks as pretty as the manufacturers image. It’s very tiny though and this image shows the stored sack compared to hand size

Pack folded up into its own stuff sack

The pack viewed from the front