• Dry Weight 90 Grams
  • Calories/Serve 408 Calories
  • Cost $12.99

Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki

Single serve


Rating: 7.9 / 10
Value for Money 1.6 / 2.5
Taste   1.5 / 2.5
Convenience 2.3 / 2.5
Weight 2.5 / 2.5

Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki Review

The Back Country Cuisine range of outdoor meals is probably the best known in Australia. These meals are stocked by the majority of outdoor stores and many people consider them the staple meal choice for outdoor activities. Back Country has a huge range of meal choices and many stores seem to select a ‘top ten’ so you are unlikely to find the full range in any one store. In addition to the large variety of single serves (entrée size/single person), the company also has twin serves although the single serve options don’t seem to have as large a variety at least as far as the stores I visit.  

The taste of Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki meal, while nothing spectacular isn’t offensive but the beef pieces are just a bit too chewy. It reminds me of boarding school food and that isn’t going to endear me to this offering (it brings back many bad meal memories from my school days!) so while everything seems to be there, I won’t purchase this meal again. While I would eat this meal if there was no other choice, it certainly won’t ever be high on my preferred list.

With many of the Back Country Cusine freeze dried meals I suggest reducing the amount of water added as the recommended amount of water often leaves the meals a bit on the wet side and this meal offering is no different. The packet recommends to add 220 ml of water but I reduced the amount of water to 190 ml which resulted in a good texture. I would however suggest increasing the rehydration time to around 12 minutes rather than the recommended ten minutes.

The normal price sits around the AUD $12.95 RRP mark for a single serve pack which works out to be less cost effective than the twin serves that usually cost around AUD $19.99 RRP. Most of the larger chain stores offer member discounts or have regular sales so its worthwhile looking around.  These products do have a long shelf life so you can stock up at the sales come in anticipation of an upcoming trip.

The meal comes in a bag that is well designed and the bottom opens out to provide a flat base for those minimalists who want to leave the bowl at home. The option exists to tear the top off the bag to allow easy access to the food but you if you have a long handled spork/fork you won’t need to tear the bag. My other reason for not tearing the top off the bag is that you minimise any mess and after you’re done because you can re-zip the zip lock for clean disposal.

So what is the final verdict? While many hikers will find this meal to be perfectly OK it certainly is down towards the bottom of my list of preferred freeze dried meals. 

We Like

  • Three year warranty which means you can buy these when you see them discounted thereby reducing the price. You also know the meals will always be edible
  • Minimal preparation time.  All you are doing is rehydrating these meals so once you add boiling water there’s only a 10-12 minute wait
  • If you eat from the bag there is only your eating implement to clean up. In fact you may not even need to carry a bowl at all thereby limiting the weight you carry
  • A very large variety of meals from which to choose both single and double serves so it’s unlikely you will become bored unless you are on a really long hike
  • Freeze dried. This takes much of the weight out of the meals and helps to limit the impact on your body
  • Single serve option provides just the right size for solo travellers on a short trip. Twin serves are great for couples or for big eaters

We Don't Like

  • The Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki is not to my taste – the meaty bits a too chewy and the flavour isn’t to my liking
  • The main negative of any commercially preprepared dehydrated/freeze dried meal is the cost.  These meals are cheaper/serve when bought in the twin serve size than the single serve entree size
  • Single serves can be a bit small after a couple of weeks on the trail. Having said that I will usually pack a mix of single and double meals on longer trips as my need for calories increases
  • The recommended amount of water to add is off, probably more than other back country meals (see recommendation above)

Best Uses

  • For those who don’t like spicy food
  • An easy to prepare meal whether it be on a short or long trip for camping and hiking

Buy One

You can purchase the Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki meal online from Snowys , Wild Earth, or from Wildfire Sports

Disclosure: We may earn a small commission, at no additional expense to you, if you click through and make a purchase. Please note that our affiliations do not influence, in any way, the independence of our reviews. If we don’t like a product, you’ll hear about it from us!

Other Versions

Back Country Cuisine has a huge range of meals on offer. To see our top 5 go here


AUD $12.99 RRP

Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki as purchased

Meal bag with the base folded out

Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki unrehydrated

Back Country Cuisine Beef Teriyaki rehydrated and ready to eat


This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by Australian Hiker

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