• Weight (including pack) 105 grams
  • Time to boil 500ml water 2 minutes 42 seconds
  • Cost $134.99

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove

Camp Kitchen


Rating: 8.4 / 10
Value for Money 1.6 / 2
Weight 1.7 / 2
Ease of Use 1.6 / 2
Versaility 1.7 / 2
Boiling Speed 1.8 / 2

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove Review

The MSR Pocket Rocket canister stove is one of the best known stoves in the outdoor market and the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is the current version. For such a simple stove type, canister stoves have most of their features in common so it’s often hard to see a difference from the dozens and dozens of models on the market. As always MSR focuses on a few key aspects that help them stand out from the pack.

The one main feature common to all canister stoves is their minimal weight when compared to integrated stove units. They are just a simple unit that screws into a gas canister but at 105 grams for the stove unit and storage/travel case, the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is on the heavier end of the weight range. Having said this MSR also focuses on quality and durability and this stove in no different. When you handle this stove unit you can see the quality of the construction that has been injected; it just feels and looks well built. In addition, this stove is a simple, durable and robust construction that will last the average hiker many years.

For some reason buyers often associate this type of stove as being cheap and while you can buy a canister stove for under $40 you do get what you pay for. At AUD $139.99 RRP the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is not cheap being at the upper end of the price range but again this is a stove that is going to last you for many years. So let’s look at the features on this great little stove unit.

This stove has  a reasonable degree of wind resistance mainly due to the three way fin (WindClip®) on  top of the burner head protecting the flame from all but the most extreme wind conditions. This stove is traditional in construction and doesn’t have a built-in ignition unit so you will need to carry matches, a lighter or a Fire Steel. This is both an advantage and disadvantage being simpler with less to go wrong but also potentially being harder to start in windy conditions with a naked flame.

In terms of boiling time this stove is pretty impressive taking just 2 minutes and 42 seconds to boil 500 grams of water and while not as fast as the integrated stoves, is close enough. If you are using this, or for that matter, any other stove during windy weather this boil time is going to be slower. One of the big benefits of canister stoves is that that they simmer food really well so if you are going to be cooking rather just boiling water then they are the best option. Depending on whether you are cooking food or just boiling water and depending on the prevailing wind conditions, your gas consumption will be reasonably good. As someone who only boils water, I would expect a 100 gram canister to last me around 8-10 days comfortably.

One of the biggest benefits of canister stoves is because you can buy it as a standalone unit, you can mix and match to get the system you want and the ability to change the pot choice depending on your needs. The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 will work for most hikers who cook as well as boil water. So if you are after a high quality robust stove that just keeps on working day in, and day out, you can’t go past the MSR Pocket Rocket 2.

We Like

  • Compact lightweight unit
  • Simple one piece construction
  • Robust and durable
  • Performs well in windy conditions
  • Boils 500 ml water in 2 minutes and 42 seconds
  • Uses minimal fuel which lightens your load and the impact on your wallet. A 100 gram cylinder will last around 5-7 days (boiling water) depending on your usage pattern
  • Great option for cooking as well as boiling water
  • Allows you to build your stove system based on your specific needs

We Don't Like

  • On the higher end of the pricing scale for this type of stove but great value for such a robust and reliable unit
  • Not as fuel efficient as an integrated stove

Best Uses

A good option for hikers who want a simple robust durable stove that copes with the wind

Buy One

You can purchase the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove from Snowys, Wild Earth, or Wildfire Sports

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AUD $134.99 RRP – often available at a much cheaper price

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 in carry case

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 folded

Close up of pot support

Close up of Burner MSR 2 Pocket Rocket. The bars on top of the head provide wind protection

MSR Pocket rocket 2 assembled with gas canister

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 in full flight

Other Versions

MSR produces a range of stoves to meet the needs of a variety of hikers ranging from canister stove, integrated stoves and fuel burning stoves


This review was done by product provided by the Australian distributor of MSR Stoves

Last updated

14 February 2024

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