• Size 9.2 x 3.4 x 1.6 cm
  • Weight 78 grams
  • Colour Mirror finish stainless steel
  • Cost $59.95

Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set



Rating: 8.4 / 10
Value for Money 1.7 / 2
Ease of Use 1.8 / 2
Weight 1.5 / 2
Durability 1.7 / 2
Versatility 1.7 / 2

Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set

I do like it when form and function come together. Rarely is practicality truly beautiful. And even less often with something ordinary as hiking cutlery. The Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set brings form and function together beautifully. It is a spoon, fork (Spork), serrated blade knife, can opener and bottle opener all in one compact unit. And it has very impressive styling.

Baladéo has been making products for hikers and travellers since 1995 and  ‘creates small items inventive pieces of fun easy enough to slip into a pocket to use when the time comes’. A very big claim. And yes the Basecamp cutlery set is small enough to put in your pocket. And yes it is inventive. But fun? I’m not sure about that.

The serrations on the knife blade are really something to admire as is the fine wooden handle of the knife. The body of the cutlery set is 100% 420 stainless steel for food contact and has a mirror finish so the post meal clean up is super easy.

The Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set assembles and disassembles with ease and in case you need prompting, lock and unlock guidance has been engraved into the steel. I am usually a little timid around sharp knife sets that fold out – I’ve never injured myself but I’m sure I have come close a few times. But opening up this cutlery set was super easy as well as safe! Once separated the knife and spoon/fork sit comfortably in your hand adding to the user experience.

The cutlery set weighs just 62 grams and it comes with a grey neoprene pouch which takes the total weight to 78 grams. Given the range of functions you get, this is quite a lightweight unit that will make some of your other cutlery obsolete.

The Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set has a price tag of $59.95 which compares very well with similar items available and is definitely up there as far as being a work of art as well; its just beautifully designed and presented.

I’m not one to covet fold out eating and cutting gadgets but the Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set is something I would be happy to have in my hiking kit and something that most hikers would be very happy to receive as a present.

We Like

  • Relatively lightweight cutlery set so you won’t notice it’s there
  • Five functions in one: spoon, fork, serrated blade knife, can opener and a bottle opener
  • Made from 100% 420 martensitic stainless steel for food contact, has good resistance to a range of contaminants, and holds a good sharp edge
  • The mirror finish ensures super quick clean up after use
  • Locking system is easy to use and safe
  • Razor sharpened blade and can opener for effective cutting and opening
  • Comes a neoprene pouch to keep sharp edges away from the rest of your gear
  • This is just a beautiful set of cutlery

We Don't Like

  • The knife is very sharp so care is needed when handling
  • There are lighter and cheaper options available
  • I’m a big fan of long handled spoons and if I’m being picky the spoon could be a couple of centimetres longer

Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set  and showing the neoprene storage cover


The Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set out of pouch and still in its closed position

Spork and knife separated and ready for use

Close up of sporkhead and knife blade

Best Uses

This is a great sturdy Spork and a good general purpose knife


$59.95 AUD

Buy one

You can purchase the Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set from Wild Earth

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Other Versions

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This review was done with product supplied by the Australian Baladéo wholesaler

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