• Dry Weight 100 Grams
  • Servings per packet 2
  • Calories per Serve 79 Calories
  • Protein per serve 23.6g per 200g
  • Cost $15.95

Campers Pantry Tuna Beans

Twin serve


Rating: 8.8 / 10
Value for Money 1.6 / 2.5
Taste 2.4 / 2.5
Convenience 2.3 / 2.5
Weight   2.5 / 2.5

Campers Pantry Tuna Beans Review

Campers Pantry has released another freeze dried meal – this one is Tuna Beans.  The range from Campers Pantry has grown over the past year and is now widely enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts.

I, like a lot of women and a growing number of men, have the obligatory tin of tuna tucked away in a desk drawer at work. That’s a lot of tuna enthusiasts but it does sometimes surprise me that not many people own up to liking tuna! I mean the number of shelves of tinned tuna in the supermarkets is being consumed by someone surely?

Well I don’t mind admitting that I like tuna – in all forms. And I do miss it when I’m hiking. I like the taste and its a much needed injection of protein which is hard to source when hiking. I won’t carry tins on hikes but I have packed the tuna poaches in my food rotation – a bit heavy and sometimes a bit too ‘creamy’ for me but still good.

The Campers Pantry Tuna Beans solves the taste and weight issues, and also provides a big hit of protein and fibre. The pack size is 100g and the preparation is simply the addition of cold water and a good stir which makes it a terrific lunch option. It is suggested you use 500mls of water but I would try 400mls first, wait a bit and then add a bit more.  This way you’ll get just the right amount of moisture for you and you hiking buddy.

Ensuring my lunches on the trail are interesting is a big challenge for me – there are only so many peanut butter wraps that a person can consume in a week. So the Tuna Beans solves that problem too!

The tuna is plentiful and the beans are fresh. You will definitely get a tuna hit from this meal. The texture is great and you can recognise what you’re eating – a very important aspect for me!  The flavour of this meal is very tasty but for those wanting a bit more flavour you can always add your favourite spice.

The meal comes in a bag that is well designed so you can eat out of the bag and leave the bowl at home. Alternatively you can prepare this dish in a seperate container and use as little or as much as you like, saving the rest for later.  Given this is a double serve, that works well if your hiking buddy, like mine, is not keen on tuna.

Unlike other freeze dried brand meals, the Campers Pantry meals don’t have a tear point to make the food easier to access. This doesn’t bother me as I prefer to use a long handled spoon and zip lock the bag when I’m done to minimise the mess in your rubbish bag.

I will definitely add this meal to my hiking rotation – I’ll overcome the ‘serves 2’ size by splitting the pack before hydrating. Challenge sorted!

We Like

  • Great for all taste buds
  • Packs the tuna punch without any smelly-ness
  • Great source of much needed protein on the trail
  • Minimal preparation time.  All you are doing is rehydrating these meals so you just add cold water, stir and wait a few minutes
  • Prepare in a seperate container and use as much or as little as you like
  • If you eat from the bag there is only your eating implement to clean up. In fact you may not even need to carry a bowl at all thereby limiting the weight you carry
  • Freeze dried. This takes much of the weight out of the meals and helps to limit the impact on your body
  • Two year warranty which means you can buy these when you see them discounted thereby reducing the price. You also know the meals will always be edible

We Don't Like

  • The main negative of any commercially preprepared dehydrated/freeze dried meal is the cost

Best Uses

  • Great for lunch or dinner

Buy One

You can purchase the Campers Pantry Tuna Beans from  Campers Pantry

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If you have tasted the Campers Pantry Tuna Beans or if you have questions, we’d like to hear from you. Post your comment or questions below

Other Versions




AUD $15.95 RRP

Campers Pantry Tuna Beans in the pack

Meal bag with the base folded out allowing the bag to remain upright while rehydrating

Campers Pantry Tuna Beans unrehydrated

Campers Pantry Tuna Beans rehydrated and ready to eat


This review was done with product provided by Campers Pantry

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