• Weight 2 Grams
  • Colours Various
  • Cost $34.95

Qalo Silicone Rings

Silicone ring


Rating: 9 / 10
Value for Money 2.4 / 2.5
Durability 2.1 / 2.5
Appearance   2.0 / 2.5
Weight   2.5 / 2.5

Qalo Silicone Rings Review

A strange item to appear on a hiking page I must admit however one that I had been trying to find for a number of years. Those of you that work outdoors in areas ranging from construction to gardening, work around machinery, or are into lifting weights then you will understand why I have reviewed this product.

I have had my wedding ring for over 35 years (Does that date me? What can I say we were very young we got married) but during that time I have rarely worn my wedding ring, saving it for special events. This lack of use for my metal band is not because I don’t like it but has to do with spending the majority of my life working outdoors which has created two main issues:

  1. The environment that I have worked in means that my hand get very dirty and the ring gets scratched to death. I have had the burs and nicks taken of my metal ring as well as having it repolished a number of times and this has only lasted all of about a month before it looked beaten about again.
  2. I have found myself ‘hung up’ on my metal wedding ring twice over my life and its been sheer luck more than anything else that I didn’t either break my finger or even rip it off.

I also find that when I lift weights at the gym the ring is an annoyance and becomes uncomfortable. Now I could just take my ring on and off but that becomes annoying in itself.

Enter the Qalo silicone rings. These silicone rings don’t look as flash as a gold or silver bands but they do perform the same purpose and should you become hooked up on something the band is likely to break rather than you finger. In addition I find that in lifting heavier weights its much more comfortable.

Most people won’t use this as their main wedding ring as western society still tends to be ingrained into using precious metal bands. However as a replacement band that will keep you safe on worksites and keep the main ring cared for these silicone bands are ideal.The colours range from blacks and greys to bright pink (20% of specific ring sales price goes to the McGrath Foundation), marble, and even camouflaged. There is even a range of stackable rings.

So if your looking to wear a ring in those situations where metal just won’t cut it then try the Qalo silicone rings.

Note: These rings seem to be going off the market and the supply is limited (10 June 2024)

Qalo silicone ring replacing my gold band. Due to safety reasons I rarely if ever wear by metal wedding ring

We Like

  • Ultra light in weight at around 2 grams each. 
  • A safe alternative to a metal band that may be hazardous in certain work situations
  • Keeps your metal band from getting scratched and damaged
  • The range just keeps on improving

We Don't Like

  • They’re not as flash looking as a metal band. Having said that at the price you wouldn’t expect them to and they aren’t pretending to be precious metal

Best Uses

  • Great for those who work with their hands where rings become a hazard

Buy One

You can purchase Qalo Silicon Rings from Wild Earth

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AUD $17-$60 AUD RRP as at 10 June 2024

The Qalo silicone rings come in their own little neoprene bag. This can be used to safely store you metal band until its time to swap

Qalo Men’s ring up close


This review was done with product supplied by Qalo

Last updated

10 June 2024

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