• Weight- the bare minimum 256 grams
  • Cost $55.00

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Camp Kitchen


Rating: 7.5 / 10
Value for Money 1.6 / 2.5
Ease of use 2.0 / 2.5
Quality of Coffee 2.1 / 2.5
Weight 1.8 / 2.5

AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is one of the most popular coffee makers on the market and as far as ‘machine’ type coffee makers it’s a physically lighter unit. The AeroPress is best considered as a pressurised filter coffee machine. Each time you make cup of coffee you insert a filter paper into the bottom of the unit, add the coffee, add the water, and push the plunger column down squeezing the water through the coffee for your end result. I have used this unit with both a fine coffee blend as well as a course blend and found that with the course mix the water just pours through of its own accord and doesn’t pick up adequate strength to make anything descent. You may need to try a few options here to choose the right coffee blend. Having said that I find for the effort involved even though this unit is physically lightweight and produces descent coffee it doesn’t produce as high quality coffee as the Wacaco Nanopresso.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker as a whole comes with a number of bits and pieces but I find that some of these are more in the ‘nice to have’ category so are not really essential when you are heading out camping. Having all the bits when you are using the unit at home or in the office is good but unnecessary on the trail. An example here is the container for the filter paper as well as the the funnel for pouring the hot water into; nice but not necessary. Stripped back with the bare minimum (see image below) the on-trail weight for this unit is 256 grams. One of the advantages of this unit offer the Wacaco Nanopresso is that you can create the amount of coffee that you want rather than being locked into a maximum amount like the Wacacao. The other issue with this device is that you need a solid cup as you need to be able to rest the base of the unit on the cup and then push down the plunger.

Clean up of the unit is reasonably easy. All you need to do is disassemble the unit, dispose of the used filter paper, and then wash. There really nothing to mess up here. One recommendation is that you don’t store the plunger inside the plunger column as this will compress the rubber plunger end.

Overall a good unit but even with the additional weight I would still be inclined to opt for the Wacaco Nanopresso based on the quality of the coffee. Having said that the quality of coffee is still far better than using freeze dried coffee so for the average person this keep you happy in the product that you end up with.

We Like

  • If you are after reasonable quality coffee without any excess weight then consider the AeroPress
  • Robust
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Produces the amount of coffee that you want

We Don't like

  • You need to use a solid cup

Best Uses

For when you want a descent coffee


AeroPress Coffee Maker in the box with a set of spare filters (350)

Buy One

You can purchase the AeroPress Coffee Maker from MacpacSnowys, or from Wildfire Sports or from Wild Earth

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AUD $55.00 RRP

AeroPress Coffee Maker. The bare minimum to make coffee on the trail. This weights in at 256grams


AeroPress Coffee Maker, all the bits

Spare filter paper. A pack of 350 filters comes with this coffee maker

This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by Australian Hiker

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