• Weight 14 grams
  • Length 70 mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Cost $16.60

Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key



Rating: 8.5 / 10
Value for Money 1.7 / 2
Weight 1.9 / 2
Ease of Use 1.9 / 2
Comfort 1.4 / 2
Versatility 1.6 / 2

Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key Review

Avid followers of Australian Hiker will know by now that I am a bit of a gear freak. This means that when I make purchases, whether it be online or in a bricks and mortar store, I’m always on the lookout for those little knick knacks that don’t cost much but raise my interest. Typically I don’t tend to carry many tools on a hike and it’s even more rare That I need them but I always like having the basics just in case. This was exactly the reason for me purchasing the Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key; I spotted in sitting at the counter and thought why not.

This tool is relatively compact and lightweight at 14 grams and 70 mm. Being made from stainless steel it will cope with just about anything that nature can throw at it. The tools that come standard with this multi-tool will suit most people. I just love that there is a micro screwdriver for use with glasses/sunglasses – long ago a screw in my sunglasses went loose and making them unusable when I needed them most.

This Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key includes six tools:

  1. Flat Screwdriver
  2. Phillips Screwdriver
  3. Micro-Sized Screwdriver
  4. Straight Blade Knife
  5. Serrated Blade Knife
  6. Bottle Opener

The only other option that would make this a perfect tool for me is a pair of scissors but this is where it becomes difficult. Somewhere on the market you will find a tool that has exactly what you need. There is so much choice available but I’m happy to carry a decent pair of nail scissors on a hike because this is one tool I regularly use.

There are a few other negatives with this tool. The compactness and size while a positive are also a negative. Being so small you need to make sure it’s securely put away after use so you don’t lose it. The key shape means it’s easy to store on your key ring and if you saw this on a key ring you really wouldn’t think too much about it. But you will need to make sure you don’t get on a plane with this tool on your keyring as Its likely to be confiscated as you go through security because of the sharp multi-purpose knife blade. While we are on the negatives, for me there are a couple more. I wouldn’t want to use this tool for long periods of time given its small size but given that is unlikely this is a minor issue.

For many people this is just going to be a ‘gadget’ that you will never use but for those wanting a basic set multi-tool that is lightweight and compact, then this is a great option and worth considering.

We Like

  • Ulta lightweight at 14 grams
  • Has all the tools I’m likely to need on a hike
  • Small and compact
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Robust stainless steel construction

We Don't Like

  • Being a small metal tool its not always comfortable To use and particularly fiddly if you have large hands
  • The compact size means that if you’re not careful you could easily lose it if you aren’t paying attention
  • Make sure that you don’t leave it on your keyring if going on a plane flight as it will likely be confiscated

Best Uses

  • Good for ultralight hikers or those who carry minimal tools

Buy One

You can purchase the Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key from Amazon Australia or from Amazon USA

Please note that this tool is available from a number of different stores however you shouldn’t pay more than $20AUD

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AUD $16.60 RRP

Other Versions

Swiss Tech has a huge range of multipurpose tools available

Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key (image from Swiss Tech)

Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key tool options (image from Swiss Tech)


Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key tool fully open

Swiss Tech 6-in-1 Utili-Key tool folded closed in a large male hand


This review was done by product purchased by the Australian Hiker from a retail store

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