• Dry Weight 60 Grams
  • Calories/Serve 226 Calories
  • Cost $9.99

Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup

Single serve


Rating: 7.8 / 10
Value for Money 1.4 / 2.5
Taste 1.6 / 2.5
Convenience 2.3 / 2.5
Weight 2.5 / 2.5

Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup Review

This was the first soup that I have tried from Back Country Cuisine being more familiar with the more traditional solid meal offerings and desserts that they produce. Now I must admit upfront that this was a product that I had preconceptions on as I’m not a fan of mushroom soup of any type.

Taste wise the product is as advertised and while I love potato soup I don’t like Mushroom soup and this was no exception. In addition it was a bit heavy handed on the salt side but as I don’t add salt to my food I’m a bit more sensitive to salt in food than most people. The big bonus for me is that many dehydrated/freeze dried soups will often have flavour enhancers which give me a hangover but in this case it didn’t.

Preparation wise this soup is about a s easy as it gets; just boiling water. The packet recommends waiting around 10  minutes but I found that this wasn’t quite enough and left it for around 14 minutes to ensure all the solid vegetables were nice and rehydrated. Most freeze dried meals are designed to be torn down to eat but in this case being a liquid meal this is not an option and in all honesty I don’t think that you would want to as you are highly likely to run the risk of spillage if you tried. Ideally you need to eat this soup out of a bowl or mug as trying to spoon it out of the bag is a bit more difficult.

Price wise at just on AUD $9.99 RRP/single serve this is not a cheap soup particularly when you compare it to supermarket choices.  But in all fairness many of those are loaded with MSG and aren’t really big enough as a stand alone meals whereas this product is. As is the case with freeze dried products they are very light in weight and typically have  a very long shelf life and this product was no different.

All up if you are a soup fan and like mushroom soup in particular you are likely to enjoy it but in my case that’s not me preferring a more solid meal on my hikes if I am eating hot food as well as preferring sweet hot drinks rather than savoury options such as soup.

We Like

  • Tastes as you would expect, potato and mushrooms
  • Well set out and easy to follow instructions
  • Three year warranty which means you can buy these when you see them discounted thereby reducing the price. You also know the meals will always be edible
  • Minimal preparation time. All you are doing is rehydrating these meals so once you add boiling water, there’s only a 10-14 minute wait
  • If you eat from the bag there is only your eating implement to clean up. In fact you may not even need to carry a bowl at all thereby limiting the weight you carry
  • Single serve option is a good size

We Don't Like

  • On the salty side for my taste
  • The main negative of any commercially pre-prepared dehydrated/freeze dried meal is the cost an in all honesty I think the solid nmeal offerings are better value
  • I’m not a mushroom soup fan

Best Uses

  • An easy to prepare meal whether it be on a short or long trip for camping and hiking. Also a good option for backup meals at home

Buy One

You can purchase the Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup online from Snowys, Wild Earth or from Wildfire Sports

Disclosure:  We may earn a small commission, at no additional expense to you, if you click through and make a purchase. Please note that our affiliations do not influence, in any way, the independence of our reviews. If we don’t like a product, you’ll hear about it from us!

Other Versions

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AUD $9.99 RRP

Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup as purchased

Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup ingredient list

Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup with the base folded out

Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup before rehydration

Back Country Cuisine Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup rehydrated and ready to eat 


This review was done with product provided for test by the Australian distributor of Back Country Cuisine

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