• Weight (regular) 480 grams
  • Recommended Maximum User Height 183 cm
  • Female Comfort Rating 10 Celcius
  • Male Comfort Rating 4 Celcius
  • Cost $349.00

Sea to Summit Cinder Cd 1 Down Quilt

Sleep Systems


Rating: 8.5 / 10
Weight 1.8 / 2
Value for Money 1.7 / 2
Durability 1.8 / 2
Warmth 1.4 / 2
Versatility 1.8 / 2

Sea to Summit Cinder Cd 1 Down Quilt Review

Slowly but surely quilts are making their way into the Australian outdoor market and the Sea to Summit Cinder Cd 1 Down Quilt is latest release in this expanding quilt range. One thing to note is that from 2021 Sea to Summit’s sleeping bag range comes with a new ‘Quilt Lock’ series of low profile press studs that allows you to attach a quilt to the sleeping bags – essentially creating a layering system.

While previous releases from Sea to Summit have been the high end Ember Range (I-III) this latest release can best be classed as an entry level option however thanks to Sea to Summit’s ‘system approach’ it is much more. The Sea to Summit Cinder Cd 1 Down Quilt is rated down to 4º Celcius for men and for females down to 10º Celcius. So its really be best classed as a warm weather quilt if used alone but it can also be paired with a thermal sleeping bag liner such as the Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor. In addition, this newer range of quilts can be connected to make a double option for those couples into that.

The Cinder Quilt uses 750+ loft down which isn’t as high grade as the Ember range that uses 850+ loft down; but in all honesty it doesn’t need to be. Sea to Summit uses ethically sourced down that considered the humane treatment of animals. The down is ULTRA-DRY which is a snazzy way of saying that it repels water keeping your warm on hikes where condensation is a real issue. The shell of the quilt is a 20 Denier shell which is a tougher material than the 10 Denier found on the Ember range so it has a bit more durability and with that slightly heavier weighing in at 480 grams for the regular size and 580 grams for the longer version. As a standalone summer sleep option this weight is reasonable and even when combined with one of Sea to Summit’s lighter weight bags, will still provide a very warm sleeping option under 1 kg in weight.

As a warm weather entry level quilt the Sea to Summit Cinder Cd has a synch cord at the neck to minimise air movement on the colder nights but it doesn’t come with a neck baffle like the Ember range. Having said that if you are using this as a warm weather quilt or an add-on to a sleeping bag it isn’t necessary. The foot box does have a cinch cord to minimise airflow at the feet and while I have used this in cold conditions and I was quite comfortable in this quilt.

This quilt comes in a regular and long size and even though I’m above the recommended height for the regular, the length of the regular suited me quite well even though I’m a couple of centimetres larger than the recommended height.

This quilt allows you stick your arms and legs out to ensure you have just the right amount of warmth no matter what the weather. Sea to Summit quilts are also a great option for hammock campers either as an under quilt or as a top quilt depending on your requirements.

Like the rest of Sea to Summit’s down products this quilt packs down to a very tiny size in its compression sack and even when its in the storage bag, it’s still small as bags/quilts go.

As far as negatives go they are pretty minimal. The first is unless you live in a warm climate this quilt by itself is unlikely to ever be your ‘one and only’ sleep warmer but that’s not what it’s meant for. The second is that it lacks a hood but considering this is a warm weather quilt and one made as part of a sleep layering system that isn’t a really an issue like the cold weather quilts the are made as stand alone options.

The Sea to Summit quilts continue to develop and with each year and new model they continue to refine and improve the range. One of the things I like about this quilt is it has been developed to be used as either a standalone or as part of a sleep layering system and this is where it really excels.

So if you are looking for a lightweight summer option that can also be used in the cooler months to beef up your warmth then this is a great choice particularly with a AUD$349RRP.

We Like

  • Very sharp pricing at $349 AUD or $399AUD for the long size
  • Extremely versatile sleeping option making for a year round option in colder weather when used as part of a sleep layering system 
  • Get the shape you want to meet your needs
  • 750+ Loft ULTRA-DRY Down provides great insulation and keeps the packed size very small
  • Comes standard with storage sack and compression sack for travel
  • Can be joined with other Sea to Summit quilts with low profile press studs to make a double quilt for couples
  • Can be used as part of a layering system to beef up your existing sleeping bag

We Don't Like

  • No hood!

Best Uses

  • The perfect quilt for hikers who want warmth combined with versatility

Buy One

You can purchase the Sea to Summit Cinder Cd 1 Down Quilt Regular from Wildfire Sports or from Wild Earth

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AUD $349.00 RRP

Other Versions

Sea to Summit Cinder Cd1 Quilt Regular

Sea to Sumit Cinder Quilt in storage sack

1 litre water bottle up against the Sea to Summit Cinder Quilt quilt in its compression bag

Cinder Quilt just the facts

Cinder quilt attached to the Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Extreme Sleeping Mat

Adjustment straps on the Sea to Summit Cinder quilt

Cinch cord on the neck of a Cinder Quilt

Sea to Summit press studs that allow two quilts to join or attach to a Sea to Summit sleeping bag (2021 models)

Tim in the Sea to Summit Cinder Quilt Cd1


This review was done with product provided by Sea to Summit for testing

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