• Genre Drama
  • Classification M
  • Length 102 minutes
  • Cost $20.00

Edie Movie


Edie Movie Review

I really like this film.  And what’s not to like about an eighty something year old woman called Edie (pronounced ‘Eadie’) who goes to climb a mountain!

The mountain she chooses to climb is Mount Suilven in Scotland.  It is 731m high and was given its name by sea-borne Vikings because it resembles a large grey pillar when viewed from the ocean.  From the inland side it resembles a steep sided pyramid.  This is seriously rugged country and a tough hiking environment.  Add to that the changeable weather, and you have an ‘anything can happen’ situation.

Edie is played by experienced English actor Shiela Hancock who was awarded the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Women in Film and Television Awards.  Following the death of Edie’s husband, she decides the time is right to rekindle her memories of exploring the Scottish countryside with her father.

But Edie’s daughter Nancy (Wendy Morgan) only has plans to keep her mother ‘safe’.  Nancy’s motivations are driven by the recent loss of her father but also the expectation that older people need to be ‘cared for’ and ‘kept out of harms way’.  Edie experienced years of harsh treatment by her husband until he had a stroke and then Edie became his carer.  That was decades ago.  So Edie has decided it is time to break free.

Edie tells Nancy she is going away for a few days and heads to Lochinver – a town near Mount Suilven.  She has in tow and old assortment of hiking gear – canvass everything and very heavy but she is not deterred.  When she arrives in Lochinver she is a day too early and discovers there is no accommodation available for the night.  She has already hitched a ride from the train station with Jonny (played by Kevin Guthrie of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Dunkirk fame) who was dropping off his pushy girlfriend Fiona (Amy Manson).  Jonny offers Edie a bed at his place for the night.  The next morning they say their goodbyes only to meet again in the camping store where Jonny works as a hiking guide.  And so the adventure, and the forming of a deep friendship with Jonny, begins as Edie spends up big on hiking gear and Jonny teaches her outdoor skills.

Edie (the movie) was directed by Simon Hunter who co-wrote the script with Elizabeth O’Halloran.  The film was released in 2017 and has received strong critical reviews.

This film follows the style of quirky UK films – it is funny, sad, entertaining, uplifting and packed with social statements.  This one is definitely worth the popcorn!

We Like

  • Learning more about the hiking scene in Scotland
  • Edie’s determination not to be stuck in an old people’s home
  • The quirky style common to UK films

We Don't Like

  • The stereotyping of daughters and girlfriends

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This movie is hard to find as a DVD but is available on free to air streaming (12/6/23)


$20.00 AUD on DVD

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Edie DVD


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